President Donald J. Trump has fired his new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci after just 11 days in the job

Anthony Scaramucci is forced to leave his position  just after 10 days on the job as the official White House communications director.

Scaramucci’s departure is followed by the Monday-morning swearing in of the new White House chief of staff, He is retired Gen. John F. Kelly.

Huckabee sanders would not elaborate whether Scaramucci willfully resigned or if he had been fired, but she did say the former wall street financier will not be looking for an active role in the White House anytime soon.

The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci, who had bragged about reporting directly to the president, came at Mr. Kelly request.

The  administration brought in “The Mooch,” which caused Spicer to resign immediately. Then for a week he trashed talked the Chief of Staff, who was then fired/pressured to resign, After all that chaos and not  even a week later he’s out the door.  Its got to be tough to support this type of redundancy from the leaders of the free world. Even if you still want tcommunication director White Houseo agree and support  this administrations’ goals, you have to admit that watching all the scandals and Russia collusion talks is setting our nation on the wrong path and making a lot of citizens feel unease for the future of our Country.

With so much cabinet members and staff either being fired or resigning in such short time speaks directly that our leader is just scrambling and just picking and choosing.  Fast turnover within a company usually means bad management. It’s hard to not ask about his ability to judge a  character and make good decisions.

Mr. Scaramucci wife has filed for divorce due to his political blindness and he lost his  job in less than 10 days. His wife left him because he chose Trump over her and their newborn son who was born 3 weeks early and had to be put in neonatal. He skipped the birth to be with Trump. After making a sacrifice of his life and marriage for Trump, he did not think enough of him to save him his job.

Hours after the news broke, Mr. Trump tweeted it was “a great day in the white house. He didn’t like what Anthony had said about Mr Priebus the former chief of staff.  He felt it was inappropriate for someone in that position to speak so derogatory about another staff.

Mr Scaramucci had said one of his first tasks would be to stop all the leaks before Anthony Scaramucci is forced to leave his position and attacked the Chief of staff at the time, accusing him of the leaks in the White House.  Mr. Kelly the new Chief of staff made it clear who is in charge, and sources say it was Mr. Kelly request to have Mr. Scaramucci fired from being the director of communications in the White House.

Mr. Scaramucci used to voice his opinions on Donald trump and once called him “another hack politician” while hosting Street Week on Fox  Business in 2015. He reportedly said that Donald Trump was aware of his comments and called it on of his “biggest mistakes”.






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