The ACLU is UnAmerican

Jeff Sessions said the ACLU is Un-American

While it is not only fine for a citizen of the United States to have that opinion and vocalize it as well, it is not so fine for a sitting Senator, who is Trump’s choice for the Attorney General to hold that belief.

Now, Senator Sessions made that comment over 3o years ago and he may have grown out of that sort of prejudicial and insensitive thinking but none the less he made that statement and it could very well sink his chances to become the next Attorney General of the United States just as it hurt him in 1986 when he was up for a position as a federal judge.

Saying that the ACLU is UnAmerican decades ago does not a prejudiced person make but there are other signs that he may be a closet member of his own version of the KKK. He is also on record of having called an African-America attorney, “boy”, and not in the way of “Pardon me, boy, is that the Chattanooga Cho Cho?”

So, can the country look past an Attorney General once having said that the ACLU is Unamerican or is this forever tattooed in his makeup as a person?

Had this been a one off, it may be no big deal for the country to let go as it was ages ago but historically the amount of other actions and comments he has made bolsters the thought process that he may not be able to carry out the duties as an AG in a manner that is consistent with equality and fairness.

Some of the other clouds that are surrounding this nomination is the Senator’s thoughts on immigration as they are quite aggressive against as well as his alignment with the president elect on border control.  Border control has become a hot topic and, although stemming illegal immigration is something that we see as a need, adjusting the immigration policies to be more lenient makes more sense.

Should we close immigration to many based on their religious beliefs, we may as well as send the Statue of Liberty back to France with a note that we no longer want the tired, poor and huddled masses to have a shot at the American Dream.  We could turn Liberty Island into a military base to stop anyone from coming into the country and if they tried to sneak past we could draw and quarter them.

Hyperbole aside, saying that the ACLU is unamerican is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Republican Senator from Alabama and there are a lot of other parts that make him who he is before a confirmation vote should take place.

Let’s keep America great and make sure the best person is hired for the job.


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