Amazon River Animal Abuse from Tourists

Amazon River Animal Abuse

The Amazon River and rainforest get a lot of tourist attraction from people all over the world. One of the main areas of attraction is close to Manaus, which is a city right by the Amazon River. The cool thing about this area is the river variation that can be found there. Both the Negro and Solimoes rivers conjoin and form a mega-river, making it a large area that brings in millions of people per year. With huge tourist attractions in areas where wildlife can be found, there’s bound to be tourists that don’t treat the animals right. Here you can see some of the worst, most abusive tourist attractions in the world.

Best animal attractions at the Amazon River

Some of the best attractions at the Amazon River include being able to get “hands on” with the animals. Some of the safest animals you can be hands on with include dolphins. Here’s a short list of things you can do with the dolphins at the Amazon:

  1. You can swim with them (who wouldn’t want to do that?)
  2. You can take selfies with them (perfect for millennials)
  3. You can even feed them food from a special deck that floats on top of the water. This is new and has been attracting new people from all over the world!The good news resides in the fact that the dolphins are mostly harmless. Very few cases have been noted where the dolphins have gotten mad at the tourists and tried to hurt them. In very few cases, some of the tourists get mad when the dolphins hurt them, causing issues where they can actually injure the dolphins on purpose! This is a huge no-no for people that are big on animal rights, and in areas such as the Amazon River, very few laws have been put in place stopping people from behaving this way. They’re animals, you shouldn’t hurt them because they acted on their instincts!

The laws aren’t really helping the dolphins

The good news is that local laws have been put in place helping to guide people in the act of swimming and associating with the dolphins in the Amazon River. The bad news is that nobody really follows these rules and not many officers are ever present to help enforce it! These dolphins have had their entire lives altered by the tourist attractions being brought to them. Many are even relying on the food that’s being thrown to them by the tourists that come by, and this is not good for them as a species. If these dolphins become used to the food they get from tourists, over time they’ll slowly become more dependent on them. This could be bad in the future if real laws ever get put into play because then thousands of dolphins would be at a high risk of starving! Also, tourist attractions change the common behavior that these animals share, and it’s not good for them. For example:

  •   Tourist attractions make the dolphins become increasingly curious, and it forces them to stay around humans as much as possible. With more encounters with the people, the odds of things going wrong are increased tenfold.
  •   Aggressive, angry behavior from the dolphins is increasingly common due to being close to humans all the time. This is NOT natural for these animals, and therefore it shouldn’t even be questioned why they’re becoming this way.

More issues than just dolphins

It’s not just the dolphins that are struggling with things going on there. There are multiple other types of issues going on with these tourist attractions – effectively ruining what the Amazon was and could be in the future. For example, tourists are able to pay a low price and are able to fish in the river. This is a huge problem for the populations of certain types of fish in the river, leading to increased rates of extinction in the area (see the type of fish in the river). Another horrible activity going on in the area is for people to try and associate with the caiman in the water. Caimans are like alligators and crocodiles, and people are seeing these crazy reptiles and are trying to actually touch them and are disturbing their life! This is another example of why these animals are becoming increasingly agitated in the area.

What could be done to fix these issues?

The good news is that a lot of these issues could be fixed. If the government surrounding this area actually took their job seriously to protect it, they could allow tourists and still make it safe for the animals! If real laws can become passed that actually protect the environment and the animals, then life could be much more improved in the area and species wouldn’t be as in danger as they are right now. Not only do real laws need to be passed protecting these areas, but proper guidelines need to be put in order for tourist companies to actually follow them. They also need the government to supply police officers to actually enforce the rules being put in place in these areas. Without proper officials being put in the area to enforce the laws, they’ll still be looked at as a joke. If our society had “laws” with no police officers, laws would be broken constantly! With nobody there to catch you doing something wrong, you’re not likely to stop committing the crime. If the governments surrounding the Amazon River can learn this concept, things would be on the rise in the area.

How are the tribes being affected?

People are being affected in this matter as well. There are multiple tribes that live in the surrounding area of the Amazon River, and these people are starting to be bothered by the amount of tourist activity going on in the area. It’s not natural for these tribes of people to be surrounded by loads of people, and that’s exactly what’s starting to go on with them. You can see some of the tribes on this site and learn more about them! Some tribes aren’t fully hating what’s going on because they seem to like performing for the tourists that come by, but at the same time they’re migrating to areas with fewer people around, and it’s not right for them to feel the need to move away.

The tribe members of some of these groups are also being treated poorly when looking at it from a business perspective. Few have been hired by the tourist companies and they’re being compensated very poorly for working for the companies. They need to stick to the stereotypes being given to them by the tourists and act as though they’re beasts of the jungle with no modern mindset. The bad thing for these people is that they don’t know any better and are being taken fully advantage of.

Complete overview of the abuse

Overall, things aren’t going well in the area where the Amazon River is. Tourist attractions have been taking over this area, causing more wrong to go by than good. Here, we can go over some of the benefits of Amazon tourist attractions:

1. A lot of money is being put in the area, causing more demand for commerce, tours, and helping industries boom in the area.

2. It’s becoming a fun, new vacation spot for families all around the world. This is a great place to go with anyone, and you can create memories of a lifetime in one of the wildest areas of the world.

There’s a lot more cons that go with this though, the list includes:

  1. Animals are being treated very poorly, such as the dolphins. This is making them become more aggressive, and they’re starting to get close to attacking people.
  2. Fish species are starting to get closer to extinction, and improper fishing in the area by tourists are illegal and continue to go on. If this goes on, many species could continue to go extinct, really hurting the ecosystem of the Amazon River.
  3. Tribes of native people that have always lived there are now suffering the consequences of living in that area. They’re being pushed away and/or being taken advantage of by the tourist companies.
  4. Governments in the surrounding area aren’t doing much to help out with the problems. As the people of this world, we need to get together and ensure that something gets done soon. If nothing ever gets done, the Amazon will continue on its path to destruction.After looking this list over, you should be less ignorant to the issues going on in this area of the

world. The Amazon River is an area we need to protect, not destroy, and if we’re going to allow tourism to take place there, it should be regulated so that it’s safe for everyone and should be made so that the least amount of harm can be done.