America’s Political Landscape is Changing

Is The political landscape in America Changing?

Surprisingly, even with a newly elected president with no real political experience, that promised to drain the swamp, who claims to reinvent the immigration system, who speaks in superlatives and tweets more than the Kardashian clan, it is not going to change much at all.

For starters, it may be very hard to get 95% of what the incoming president wants done passed in the House and the Senate. Although the party that he represents is in the majority the ideas he has expressed are way off the mark in terms of what that majority would be comfortable passing.

Even with a bunch of incentives.

Changing the landscape of the American political scene is not as easy as Donald Trump indicated it would be when he was running.  He’ll see that a president is not a dictator and, although it is a position of extreme power, it does not give him absolute power.

Couple that with the fact that the cabinet is coming together and the lion’s share of it is main stream politicians as well as more mainstream politicians being considered for yet to be appointed positions and you have pretty much the same political landscape here in America.

I’m not commenting as to whether it is good, bad or ugly, I’m just saying that we will not see mountains moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and we won’t see the Mississippi River going East to West instead of North to South.   Politicians can’t move mountains and change the flow of rivers.

Don’t expect to see Obama Care get deleted like a file on a computer as part of the new political landscape.  Republicans have been trying to do that for years and nothing has really changed there.  Mr. Trump is not going to make a difference there on any great level either.  There may be some tweaks but that is hardly the repeal that Trump tweets about.

Do you really think that America would tolerate a situation where an entire religion the-political-landscape-in-americawas no longer allowed to immigrate to the USA?

Come on, Man!

We are not going to see a mass blockage of all people based on their religious beliefs as that is Anti-American for starters and discriminatory as well. It is also an impossible task to make happen as the percentage of people that would be behind that is negligible so that aspect of the political landscape is not going to change at all.

America needs change, as does any country.

It just does not need a whole new political landscape and it won’t get one either.


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