Are You a Racist?

You might be a racist if…

You could actually do a Jeff Foxworthy bit on this topic except that would be without any taste of any kind.  The thing is though, that there are racists that could do that and think it was funny.  Thus it makes sense to look inside and see if you are a racist.

As to the political side of racism we are seeing more and more of that in the news as well as on social media which many of us use on a regular basis.  Whether there is more racism than there was in the 60’s or less is hard to say because the available tools to capture our every move increase exponentially on a regular basis so people are seen doing things that most would not be proud to be seen doing.  Social media alone is adding tools left and right that allow us to capture more and more information.

As an example Facebook Live showed a video in which a black child was choked by a white male and the police arrested the mother are you a racistof the black child as opposed to dealing with the male that put his hands on the child.  That sure looked like racism as I watched the video and that is not something we would have seen 10 years ago and certainly not something we would have seen in the 60’s.

When authority figures like police act out as racists we are in deep sneakers because it is not often that we see them treated the way your average citizen would be treated for an action that is considered criminal in many areas.  In fact, many States have hate crimes on the books now and those are usually there to protect minorities yet the government taking action against those that commit those crimes while in uniform does not seem to be as aggressive as if it were Joe Blow or Mary Bikini.

That is a country issue that needs to be handled on a local level by impartial and dispassionate leadership.  Being in fear of a police officer because you are of a certain ethnicity or color is not what the United States is all about.  The founding Fathers did not take too long to delve into that as it is in the beginning of the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Yet that seems to be an ignored sentence as we see stories all too often of authority figures ignoring some basic freedoms because a person is not the same as he is.  And if you ask them, Are you a racist?”, the response is a no, just doing my job.

The recent change to the immigration process where certain countries are going to be vetted harder and seven are no longer allowed to come into the USA is said to be racist by many people.  The complaint is that Mr. Trump is a racist because it is a common thought that he is anti-Muslim and the countries that he is targeting are heavily Muslim.

Does that actually make the president a racist or is he protecting the United States from countries that have a higher level of “possibles”?  He stated that the reason those countries are on the list is due to the higher level of possible terrorists living there and not that they were “Muslim” countries.  That would take away the notion that Trump is a racist but not the notion that he believes that those seven countries have a higher percentage of terrorists and that he is just going to put into place a better vetting system.

Should one ask President Trump, “Are you a racist?”, his answer is certainly going to be a no.

How about Mexicans?  Is Trump a racist when it comes to Mexicans?  He would again deny that allegation despite his famous line about Mexico sending murders and rapists here.  He did back that up by saying that the judge in his University lawsuit was biased because he was Mexican and that Trump wanted to build his wall between Mexico and the USA.  The little issue there is that the judge was a former prosecutor, born in Indiana, that actually went after the Mexican cartels.

But to be fair, the president is not going to know the history of every judge in cases against him and should not be expected to know.

How about all the protests and what not these past few days after he got elected. There are a lot of people screaming racists comments, racist graffiti going up all over the place and hate crimes being committed.  Can we put that on the presidents’s shoulders as well or do we blame the neanderthals that are actually doing all of that?  I don’t think we can put that on Trump but rather the tens of thousands of backwards living people that think it is just fine and I’m pretty sure that if we asked a bunch of them if they were racist, they would respond in the negative as well.

But, when confronted with a blunt straight forward question such as, Are you a racist, most would deny even though they are committing racists acts.

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