The Beginning Of a New Era

Well, we’ve had one of the most interesting presidential campaigns, if not the most interesting presidential campaign and with a surprise victory as Donald J Trump won the electoral vote and will be the next president of the United States.

What a ride it has been.

Now it’s time to move forward and begin the process of America for the next four years.

No more commentary about crooked Hillary, email servers with confidential and top-secret emails, improper sexual advances, an abundance of bankruptcies, or any of the other mudslinging that we been inundated with over and over and over again the past 15 months.

It’s time for America to say, ”Let’s get it going again”. Let’s get back on track and allow the new POTUS to start working on his agenda to make America great again. While I’ve always thought America was great there’s always room for change and there’s always room to get better and hopefully that is the actual agenda for our soon-to-be administration.

And I believe that is the thought process.

In the coming

Trump is now the president

Our New President

days we will be seeing tons of commentary about who will be appointed to the cabinet, who will be named special advisors, who will be the new Chief of Staff as well as news stories about how President Trump is going to begin his process of change for the better.  He will probably still see stories about whether or not he’s qualified to be the president but they will fade as he proves himself hopefully.

I would expect to see Mr. Trump appoint extremely qualified people to cabinet positions and delegate a fair amount of authority to our new vice president. It is fairly common for the vice president to be an afterthought, and most of them have been over the years but just like Cheney was an important part of George Bush’s administration and as Joe Biden has been for President Obama, is expected that the governor of Indiana, soon to be vice president, Mike Pence, will be diving in to the deep end of the pool and handling a significant amount of responsibility.

Names like Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie as well as political outsiders and businessmen like Forrest Lucas, Stephen Mnuchin and even Donald Trump’s son, Donald Junior are in the conversation for cabinet positions. The next 60 or so days are going to be very interesting as news unfolds for the formation of the backbone of the next administration.

Anyway you look at it, whether you agree or disagree, with you voted for Donald J Trump or not he is now going to be front and center for the next four years. The no longer be Mr. Trump and his byline will no longer be, “You’re Fired”, it will be President Trump, Commander In Chief.  So like it or not you may as well just get used to it and do your part to see that your country gets better by the day.

There was a lot of very aggressive talk on the campaign trail while Trump was running and much of what he says he wants to do will be impossible or very close to impossible. He’s the president not a dictator. Still need to learn how the machine in Washington works and how to get things done in an arena that requires compromise more often than not. The aggressive bullying that we saw on the campaign trail is not going to fly in the House of Representatives.

And you know what?  Donald knows that.

He’s a smart man that has done a lot of work in a lot of different areas and worked with governments already on his private business deals. Sure, he’s got the aggressive as that is his personality but will also learn to reach across the aisle, and compromise, and accept he doesn’t have all the answers, and listen an awful lot more than talk and do what he has to do to make things move along.

We are not going to see a wall go up the day after he’s inaugurated. We’re not going to see all immigration stop the day he is inaugurated. We’re not going to see countries get bombed and Putin sleeping in Lincoln’s bedroom the night of his inauguration.

Anything and everything that he wants to get done, should it get done, will take a bunch of time.

It will also take a lot of compromise, handshaking, baby kissing, and giving in to others’ agendas in order to get some of what he wants done.

Sure, we have a new president, a new administration, and a new set of agendas that the president wants to set forth but it will not roll out as had been expressed over the past 15 months on the campaign trail. It will not be exactly as has been expressed over the past 15 months on the campaign trail. It will not be as aggressive and jammed down your throat as has been over the past 15 months on the campaign trail.

We’ll see change, and probably lots of it, but it takes some time as that is how machine Washington works.


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