Big Oil Takes Over White House

Big Oil is taking over the White House with the appointment of our new Secretary of State.

Of all the picks for Secretary of State, I did not expect to see an oil man with ties to Putin move into a position of extreme power and especially one that has no experience in the political arena.  I thought that the opportunity for a political professional was at hand and we would see someone that was not tied to other countries by the almighty dollar.

Rex Tillerson may be exactly what we need to represent our country, and to be in one of the most influential and important positions in the USA political world but it sure looks suspect to many out there as it is just one more big money guy representing a country of middle class blokes.

His complete lack of foreign policy experience may be over shadowed by the relationships he has built over the years in many countries as he oversaw Exxon’s gas and oil deals.  This could be the new politics; big money men being the movers and shakers in a more visible way than ever.  Sure, they have always had some influence behind closed doors but we are going to see, provided the Senate goes along with Trumps’ choices, big money front and center running huge departments of the United States government.  They ran big companies so maybe it is a good idea to see them run big governmental departments.

The risk reward is a tad different though as if they screw up here we could see wars as opposed to unemployment numbers and inflation shooting up.

With big oil in the White House how does the average middle class family benefit?

To be honest, I’m not really sure if that will have an effect on the middle class unless the Secretary of State does something to cause an issue with oil prices and that is a real possibility.  Would the CEO of Exxon be inclined to work something out with OPEC to see oil prices rise to help his old buddies out?

Gosh, I sure hope not but I am not holding out much hope.

Some of the positives as it relates to this nomination is that Condoleezza Rice, James Baker and Bob Gates all recommended that the oil tycoon have a strong part in what goes on in the White House thinking as to foreign affairs and they know the political landscape well.

Of course McCain and Rubio are against the choices being made and that might not be such a bad thing as that points to Trump being more right center than full right wing.  They are not very comfortable with Tillerson’s relationship with Putin but the Secretary of State having an amiable relationship with the head of the Soviet Union can play very well into the hands of things getting settled down between the two monstrous countries.

Imagine a peaceful relationship with Russia where we cooperate on certain things as oppose to bicker back and forth and lose the opportunities to make real changes in areas that we both have influence?

That alone may make it just fine that we have big oil in the White House.

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