How to Buy Cannabis Online

Buying Marijuana Online

Nowadays it’s very easy to buy things online. Many years ago, you would’ve had to get access to the dark web through Tor to buy cannabis online. The good news for people that need it is that it’s starting to become legalized more and more throughout the United States –both for medical use and for recreational use. I believe the trend will continue and more and more states will hop on board to get rid of their past marijuana laws and allow it to be smoked much more freely. States like Colorado have it easy when it comes to buying weed online, but the rest of the country is bound to catch up in terms of how easy it’s going to become. Here, you can read our detailed guide on how, where, and why you should choose to buy your weed online from now on.

Is it illegal to buy weed online?

You might be wondering if it’s even legal to purchase marijuana online, and the answer to that question is a complicated “kind of”. If you’re living in a state with a lot of marijuana laws in place, you shouldn’t be searching online to find yourself marijuana of any kind, unless you’ve got a prescription and are allowed to be buying it online through a trusted website. The bad news is that buying weed online can be seen as very iffy to a lot of people and it really can get youWhere can I buy weed online in trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t pay attention to the laws. Do not look to buy weed on the internet for recreational use if you live in state or country that has it banned. That is one of the easiest mistakes you can make that could turn you up in prison, however, there are ways that you can buy it online legally. Here’s another log of information regarding how you can use apps to buy your weed on the internet.

How you can avoid scams online

If you’re looking to buy weed on the internet, you’re going to want to do whatever you can do avoid getting scammed. Scammers exist everywhere online, and they’re especially popular in areas such as this. You can, however, take steps to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for so that you won’t get ripped off easily. The best way to avoid scams when buying weed online is to make sure it’s legal! If you’re going to be smoking and want to buy marijuana illegally, it’s best just to stay off the internet because you never know who you can trust, and you’re much likelier to get caught on the internet than you are in real life. If you’re a medical marijuana patient and want to buy some, you should first look at a nearby dispensary in person, rather than on the internet. For some people, they don’t have dispensaries nearby and have to look throughout websites online. If you’re in this case, make sure you have proof that you’re going to get your product! You don’t want to make a purchase through a forum telling you to pay him through Venmo. In another words, if it sounds fishy, do NOT buy. For more information on how to avoid scams online, read this.

Benefits of purchasing cannabis through the internet

The internet is a wonderful place with a lot of benefits to using it to buy your things. A common rule of thumb is to never buy anything physical that can’t be purchased through Amazon. The situation In this case, however, is very different. Weed is not something that Amazon would sell anyways, as it’s for medical usage! Here are some good benefits to buying it through the internet rather than in person:

1. You don’t have to go anywhere! You can order it right from home. (Most obvious)

  1. You can get even better deals. Rather than going to a dispensary and having to pay their prices, you can choose the best one out of multiple places! Whichever offers the highest quality medical marijuana at the best price possible is the best for you!
  2. You can buy your stock from other states, and even countries where they’re known to have grown higher quality marijuana. This is sometimes a lot better than buying it from the guy across the street who grows it in his basement.
  3. If you’re very sick or have a disease not allowing you to drive, it can be hard getting to a dispensary and back within a decent amount of time. Buying online is so beneficial!

    After reading all of those reasons, you should be convinced that buying your marijuana online is a good idea instead of buying it at a dispensary.

Cons of buying Pot online

Now it’s time for us to get to the bad part. The internet isn’t perfect, and you’ll want to be sure you’re careful when making your purchase. Here are some things that can go wrong:

  1. You can get scammed! Here are some examples of marijuana scams online, don’t fall for them. Your money can get taken very easily without getting a product in return if you’re not careful, or they could send you low quality marijuana which won’t help you feel better!
  2. You have a chance of buying it in a wrong way. This could result in you being thrown in jail for purchasing drugs illegally. This is not a road you’ll want to go down. Make sure it’s specified that you buy from a licensed dispensary and not just a random Joe.

    Aside from these reasons, buying it online isn’t a terrible idea. You just need to make sure that you’re as careful as can be.

Craigslist: avoid at all costs

The one site that you definitely need to avoid at all costs is Craigslist, avoiding Craigslist when buying weed is a good idea overall. These are mostly in individual sellers whose main purpose is to scam you. You need to 100% verify that who you’re buying from is able to give you certified, medical marijuana and ensure that they have a license to operate. Buying from Find somewhere online that sells loudCraigslist basically takes that away, and there’s about a 50% chance you’ll be meeting with a cop soon if you make your purchase through that platform. Actually, people have been known to try and buy their drugs off Craigslist to show up to the said location and find themselves getting robbed by unknown people! These people know that you can’t call the police because if you do, then you’ll be basically getting yourself arrested. Case in point, you need to stay away from Craigslist.

Always know what you’re buying

Read the fine print. This is very important if you’re serious about receiving the right product. You want to make sure that if your doctor prescribed you a specific strain of cannabis, that you buy that specific strain. Different strains do different things for your illnesses when dealing with medical marijuana, and you don’t want to accidentally puff on the wrong thing and get even sicklier. Also, if you buy the wrong strain and get caught you can get in trouble with the law as well. Make sure that you buy a high quality strain with good effects for your symptoms, and verify with your doctor the amount of THC you’ll want your body to intake to achieve optimal health increases. The more you understand what you need to buy, the better off you’ll be. These dispensaries might try their best to push a specific type of weed onto you, but make sure that you buy the kind that you think is best for your case.

Best way to make sure you’re protected

When buying online there are a multitude of ways you can protect yourself. The best way to protect yourself, as stated earlier, is to make sure you’re dealing with someone or some company that’s able to sell you medical marijuana legally. They must be licensed to do so, and must work for or own a dispensary with the proper certifications. Governments don’t mess around with this, and if you don’t do your own research you could end up getting into a world of trouble. Once you buy your medical marijuana safely and effectively through a verified website, keep shopping there every time if possible to make sure that your risk level is still maintained. If a website looks to be fake, or is ran under fake names, and has weird paying requirements, do not buy from them.

Another good way to find if a website is a scam is by googling the name of the site followed by “reviews” or “legit or scam”. This is a good way to see what other people have gone through when they bought from that website. You can also go to their websites “About us” section and see what you can about their verification of their dispensary, and make sure that you specifically ask them if they’re licensed to sell. If they don’t reply or say no, then get out immediately. However, if they say yes, it doesn’t always mean they’re telling the truth. The good news is that if you buy from them after asking, from a legal standpoint you’ll be in a much safer position.

What is medical marijuana good to treat?

Medical marijuana has been at the center of debates for a long time. The question is whether or not they can help people out. The answer is a clear “yes”, if they use them right and don’t abuse the drug! Medical marijuana is highly controversial because of the doubt coming from certain people that they’ll be used safely. The good news is that they do work when used safely, and here are some of the best ways they can help your disease:

1. They help with all cancers – Medical marijuana is good to treat any type of cancer. From skin cancer to brain cancer, marijuana is a good treatment for all. You can read more about medical marijuana treatments for cancer here. Medical marijuana helps cancer by doing the following:

  •   Treats nausea and can prohibit vomiting in the patient
  •   Helps the patient to gain more of an appetite (commonly known as the munchies)
  •   Creates less need for pain medications
  •   Can help lead to higher chance of living, this is very important to consider when talking about


2. Diabetes – Medical marijuana and diabetes also go hand in hand. Read about treating your diabetes with weed here. Medical marijuana does the following to help diabetes patients out:

  •   Helps them by prohibiting more inflammation from occurring. This, in turn, helps to lower the pain from the patient.
  •   Improves the patients’ blood flow and allows them to be healthier.
  •   Stops high blood pressure, which is a huge issue with some types of diabetes.

    With these reasons alone, if you have diabetes and live in an eligible state or country, you should give medical marijuana a shot to help you out.

3. Depression – Just a few years ago scientists figured out that medical marijuana is also effective at helping people out that are suffering from depression. Depression is caused in people for a variety of reasons, but for people that once suffered from a disease such as PTSD, this is a huge deal and could help make our world a little bit happier. It helps relieve the stress that people feel in normal, day to day situations and can brighten your life a bit. One thing to watch out for is to make sure you don’t become dependent on weed to make you happy. This could actually hurt your health and happiness in the long run. However, it’s a good treatment!

Read reviews of the strain you’re going to buy

If you’re deadest on buying a specific strain because you think it’ll suit you best, you may want to think twice. You can look here to find specific strains. Once you find what you think you’d like best, you’ll want to go to Leafly and search up the strain you’re thinking about buying. Read the reviews and find the common denominators. When reading reviews, don’t go by what one person says about it, go by what the majority says about it. If the rating of your specific strain of marijuana is receiving a 4/10 rating, then you should probably stay away from it! Also, don’t go for marijuana just for the side effects. You’ll want to do research on the long term effects of smoking that strain and see how well it’ll treat your specific illness.

List of high quality sites to buy weed online

Below I’m going to attach a list of some of the most respected inventories available to buy weed from legally. Obviously, all of these sites are meant to buy medical marijuana, and you should be sure to look for what’s closest to you and find out where you can get the best price available. I wouldn’t recommend buying from a dispensary in another country, as their standards may be much different from the standards of your own country. Here’s the list:

  1. Cannabis Online Dispensary – This website is the #1 ranked site for buying weed online. Normally, websites that pop up first are trusted by Google. After doing some research and reading about what they have to offer, this is a great place to buy marijuana online that’s located right here in the United States. They offer many strains of medical marijuana and appear to give off high quality strains so that you can treat your illness effectively. They brag about their freeness of containing chemicals in their weed that’ll affect you negatively, and you’ll be able to strike respectable deals with them. If you have any questions, be sure to email them. There is bad news though, for out of country orders, you’re not going to want to purchase from here – they charge $65 for shipping if you’re out of the country.
  2. Marijuana Plug – The marijuana plug is a great place to easily place orders to buy medical marijuana. They also sell oils, extracts, and more on their site and have the #1 rated place in Seattle that you can buy weed from. They even go as far as offering edibles through their website, giving you the easy option of choosing from many different things. The prices might be a little high, but if your insurance can cover a good chunk of it then it’s a good place to shop for some medical pot!
  3. Cannabis Oil Sale – On this site, it’s very easy to navigate, it’s easy to ask questions, and it also is easy to find a plethora of choices for you to get healthier. From oils to strains to other types of products, you can find a good deal here and get exactly what you need. The good news is also that they’re licensed and are able to sell you products aside from weed as well. They also ship anywhere in the world and take a multitude of ways to pay. The shipments come quick, and you’re sure to get a high quality product if you buy from here. For these reasons alone, this site made my list of top 3 shops to buy medical marijuana online.

If none of these sites interest you, continue to search around to find the right one for you. Here are 5 other great sites you can buy weed online from. However, one of these three sites should have exactly what you want to buy.

What to know when buying weed for the first time

First of all, you should know that weed is not a cure all for any disease you might have. Someone may have suggested it to you and told you that it’ll do wonders for you, but you need to realize that the effects it gives off are different for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you the first time, don’t give up right away though. There is a chance you got the wrong strain! Keep using trial and error and see what works best for you and then stick with it! Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Be patient when waiting for your product. Dispensaries do a lot of business now and you should be sure to wait your turn. It’s still a very new industry in the legal world and these companies are trying to adjust to the demand they receive. If it takes too long though, be sure not to do business with them again. The only way you should is if they give you a huge discount for your next order.
  2. Find a good spot to put your marijuana. Keeping it laid out on the counter when you have teenagers is not a good idea. You should always keep inventory of it and make sure that it’s in a safe place where it won’t be easily accessible. Also, please don’t try to be the “cool parent” and allow your kids to smoke some.
  3. Don’t leave the house while you’re high. This can get you in a lot of trouble with the law as well. It doesn’t matter how “cool” you think you look. You shouldn’t leave the house while under the influence because you can ruin your life this way and possibly be banned from smoking medical marijuana ever again.
  4. Keep tabs on the prices being offered from multiple different websites. If you get a coupon from a new online store that’s licensed to sell, give them a shot and see if you like them better. However, you shouldn’t fix it if it isn’t broke. Don’t constantly switch to other companies. Maybe give a few a shot and see which one works out the best for you, then you should stay with them!

    Good luck with your quest on finding marijuana online. The options are always increasing and

you should come back to this guide whenever you need to!