The Cost of An Inauguration

Trumps to spend close to 200 Million on his Inauguration.

Just when you think that the spending in Washington D.C was going to be down because the President-Elect says he was going to be fiscally responsible we find out that the cost of the inauguration is going to be higher than any previous and by a lot.

Sources are saying that The Donald is going to do this in true Donald Trump style with a dollar amount that is befitting a billionaire that is celebrating a victory that almost nobody thought he would get.

The newly elected president is also going to allow big donors and corporations contribute to the events surrounding the big day which is a bit surprising as it could make for some complications in the future when it comes to special interests.  The dollar amount expected too be raised from the private sector is said to be a whopping 65 – 75 million dollars.

There will be hundreds of people involved in the planning and even more when it comes to carrying out the events that are typical for an inauguration so much of that money will go to salaries and be put back into circulation so it is a bit of a mini-bump for the communities in which the events will be held.

Security, the swearing-in ceremony and a few other things are going to be paid for with tax payer funds as is standard practice and as many as three million people could end up in the D.C. area for the event which would be a record crowd for an Inauguration.

You can count on a fair amount of protestors in that number as well for sure.

Despite the voting results being upside down, and some saying they want a recount of the votes in some areas, the work to create the platforms for the actual swearing-in as well as a reviewing stand for the newly elected president to view the parade is in progress.

Inside of 60 days we will see an event that will probably be the most lavish in Inauguration history which would echo the gold gilded living room that Trump lives in in his New York city Home.

He’s a go big or go home guy.

Some may say that the cost of the inauguration is out of line and a waste of money but in all reality it makes sense to through a “yuge” party.  The election of a President is a significant event, perhaps the most significant political event in the world, and the election of someone in the private sector to President could be an event that changes the world as we know it.

So, Two Hundred Million for an Inauguration?

Why not, it’s only money.

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