Democrats and Republicans Is It Really Just One Big Party?

Democrats and Republicans Are One Party?

Repost From 2014 Originally Written by Don Cobb.

Today, as I watch John Boehner disrespect and push off from the TEA Party, it occurs to me that (a) We the People ARE the TEA Party, so Boehner is really distancing himself from the American people, and (b) the endless stream of RINOs presented to us as “candidates” over the past few elections have caused me to recognize that the Republican Party, whom I served faithfully for five years until I stepped down from my Communications Director position six months ago, is no different than the Democrat Party, in ways that are important and specific.

Neither party is interested in solving America’s greatest threats or problems, such as the National Debt, securing our borders, switching to a simple and reasonable tax code such as a flat tax, and neither party has shown any interest in putting forth a Balanced Budget Amendment or a term limits bill.

Both parties are in agreement about all these issues. They are not interested in solving any of them. Their agreement tells me one very simple thing: The Democrat Party and the Republican Party are really working together. This is not two parties, but one party.

Allowing the U.S. government to control the ballot boxes was a very bad idea. A nation should never put elected officials in charge of controlling the very means which determines that they are out of a job…yet that is what We the People have done.

We have allowed Congress to build in a complete lack of accountability into the political system and We the People are guilty of trusting these men and women to do the right thing. They have no interest in doing the right thing; instead, they have a great interest in getting rich and doing as little as possible in that effort.

As the Bilderberg Group, who funds all major political campaigns for both parties, continues to rule our nation from behind the curtain, We the People are finally awakening to realize that we’ve been had. We have been panced and pushed into the swimming pool in front of all of our friends and we couldn’t do jack about it to prevent being taken advantage of in such major ways.

Two parties appears to have become one party now, the Democratrepublican Party, who despises the TEA Party, which is you and me, and who are in the process of bankrupting The United States of America, even as I type this article…and we can do nothing to stop them.

I have stepped down from my position as Communications Director of the local GOP Central Committee now, and have re-registered to vote as Libertarian Party, as have millions of other Americans lately. I pray that our effort to abandon this Democratrepublican Party is not too late, and I pray that We the People have the courage to stand together as one, and do what we need to do to remove The Bilderberg Group, the World Bankers, the Federal Reserve Bankers and Corporate America from their places of influence and control here in the USA.

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