Is Donald Trump in over his head?

Has Donald Trump Jumped in the deep end without swimming lessons?

Has Donald actually bit off more than he could chew?

There may be some thought in his mind that this is going to be bigger job than he had planned but if you think back eight years ago Barack Obama said the same thing. What Obama said was, “this is a lot harder than I thought” and what it seems is going on with Trump is that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Fortunately for Donald Trump, and for the country as a whole, President Obama will be working with the newly elected president a bit more than is normal during the next 65 days. After there four hour meeting the other day it was very clear that Trump is going to need more than your average amount of transitional aid from the standing president. It should be no surprise either as Trump has been in the private sector his entire life has never held office or been in the military so this is an entirely new arena for him.

As to president Obama it makes all the sense in the world for him to spend whatever time is necessary to get  Donald Trump up to speed on what goes on in the White House and how to manage the country. Obama is not going to say he needs to do this or that in terms of policy but rather explained to him the nuts and bolts and workings of how the government handles things.

They came to a big surprise to Trump that everybody that works in the White House is going to need to be replaced. That includes background checks, Secret Service investigations and employment verifications on thousands of people. That’s no small feat and even bigger when he did not anticipate that.

Most of the United States that had been watching the polls thought Trump was not going to win the election. The Democrats didn’t even prepare for how they had to organize things had trumped one as it looks like a shoo-in for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Odds are the Republican Party and Donald Trump thought the same and for that reason never really prepared the candidate to be the president.

So now we’ll see if the Republican candidate can operate quickly as the new president of the United States. I suspect that all will be fine as Trump did the right thing with his Chief of Staff by hiring a Washington insider and his Chief of Staff will play a large role in making sure the right people get hired in the right positions.

But still, “is Trump in over his head?”.

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