Is Donald Trump Pro Israel

Is the President Elect, Donald J Trump, Pro Israel?

It appears that President Elect Donald Trump is indeed pro Israel based on a number of things but most recently his call to President Obama to veto a United Nations resolution that would have given the UN more oversight into how things proceeded with Israel and Palestine. It turned out the resolution was taken off the table by Egypt and no veto was required.

It appears that President Obama was inclined to let the resolution pass which could have negatively impacted Israel as well as our relationship as a country with Israel. With Trump being Pro-Israel there is a better chance of coming to a peaceful resolution in the Middle East – FINALLY.

No guarantees but this is an important aspect.

Mr. Trump is also of the mindset that the US Embassy should be in Jerusalem as did Bill Clinton and George W. Bush but it seems that Trump may actually go through with the idea as opposed to Clinton and Bush who bailed on the idea due to the thinking that a move to Jerusalem would cause tensions to get a tad hot in the Arab States.

Moving the embassy from Tel-Aviv could cause an issue as those involved would then think that all of Jerusalem is owned by Israel and could cause issues coming to a peaceful negotiating table.  It would be interesting to see how Mr. Trump is able to maintain a peaceful negotiation and move the embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump did come right out and say he was Pro-Israel during one of the Presidential debates on CNN during the primaries but said he wanted the other side to think he was neutral.  I’m not entirely sure how he would pull that off since that quote has been in as well as numerous other well know sites and I’m sure there are a dozen Youtube videos of it floating around. His quote, “If I go in, I will say I’m pro-Israel,” said Trump.

Clearly there is a little bias as his daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a practicing Jew but the thinking that he would be anti-Israel would be a stretch anyway as that is how he viewed President Obama’s stance on Israel. With that in mind the question, Is Donald Trump Pro Israel? is easily thought to be of course he is, the Democrats are not so he has to lean that way.

Had Trump gone the other way it would have made little to no sense for family reasons as well as representing the Republican Party.  The fact that George W Bush was strongly pro Israel may have an effect was well in Trump’s thinking but the question if Donald Trump is Pro Israel is best answered in one word.


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