Donald Trump Slaps the Media

Why would the president elect slap the media?

It baffles the minds of some when the president elect has chosen to start his administration out on the wrong foot with the media.

From sneaking out to dinner at Club 21 to not alerting them he was heading to Washington DC and now, calling them for a meeting where he spent a large part of that meeting berating them and even calling some out by name. That sort of thing rarely ends well, Donald.

For the past 17 months or so the president elect got a ton of free publicity in the news media; much of that was on television and in prime time at that. The newspapers had him front and center and, although there was negative press, there was plenty of positive press as well.

But forget the past and let’s look at the future.

The president needs positive publicity as he moves forward in office. He is going to want the people to back him and want the people to understand why he is making certain policy decisions as well as appreciate that he is working for them.

How is he going to get the word out?

Via the news media as they will report what they see. Sure, they are supposed to report as unbiased entities but we all know that is not happening and probably never did. And you can’t really expect them to be all positive about a person when they are treated poorly by them and got slapped time and time again.

Human nature dictates that if you are treated poorly you can expect to be treated in kind.

So, Mr. Trump, why don’t you flip the tables on things and start working with the press that, we the American people, rely on to let us know what the Commander in Chief is doing or thinking of doing?

We are fine with you not being a fan of the press but how about doing it for the American people who elected you to office and are trusting you to lead the country for the next 4 years?

We sure would appreciate that. We would love for you to give the press the same access to you that most the preceding presidents gave. Sure, it will be a little annoying having them follow you around but you’ll be a better man for it as well as give us, your constituents, the right kind of access to you.

Mr. Trump, please stop slapping the media and start working with them.

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