Electoral College Abolished

That short phrase, Electoral College Abolished, is what Senator Barbara Boxer would love to hear.

After the election of the new president was decided by the Electoral College instead of the popular vote which Hillary Clinton won, there have been some outcries about abolishing the Electoral College.  Senator Boxer has been one of those calling for the abolishment and has filed legislation to abolish the electoral college.

Call it sour grapes if you want but the bill will go through the normal process as the Senator from California retires from public office.

Abolishing the electoral college is going to be a significant feat though as it has been in play since 1787 as it is part of the constitution and will be a tough sell to the Republican party at this point.  Yet, still Boxer wants to abolish the electoral college and is going to spend good taxpayer money on running it through Congress and the Senate.

But that is part of the beauty of the system.  Bills get introduced all the time that may or may not cause a positive effect in the country and this is just one more.  Although it has very little chance of passing, it does make a statement and that is part and parcel of the reasoning of the introduction of the bill to essentially amend the constitution.

At one point Donald Trump even thought it should go away but he is singing a different tune now of course.  And who wouldn’t.

Had there been no Electoral College, Hillary Clinton would be assembling her cabinet and Bill Clinton would be picking out drapes and furniture for their return to the White House as the popular vote had her winning by over a million votes.  This is the fourth time in history that the popular vote didn’t align with the electoral college vote.

The electoral college is in place to aid those that have no way to really know who the candidates are and what they stand for and may be a little antiquated as there are copious ways to get information and we are actually inundated with that information; often to the tune of us tuning it out!

Yet it remains and will probably remain after the bill introduced by Senator Boxer to abolish the Electoral College runs its course.

Does it still have a place in today’s society?

That is tough to answer as there are both pros and cons to the idea of eliminating it.  Some say we can get all the information we want about the presidential candidates via the internet and others take the side that there is more to see and understand that the average American can handle and thus it makes sense to have political operatives make the call.

One thing is for sure, Senator Boxer would love to hear”

Electoral College Abolished.


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