Now the Real Work Begins

No Surprises With Electoral College Vote

With the electoral college not surprising anyone, it is now time for the real work to begin.  The jockeying back and forth which has been a distraction for the transition from #44 to #45 will now simmer down and the president-elect can now move forward without that little noise in the background.

Sure, there will always be distractions for the President as that is part of the deal but the slight possibility that there would be 37 electors not voting along with how their States voted is off the table and it is now official.

Leggo, Mr. Trump, get the ball rolling.

It’s nice to see you stop tweeting about a parody television show that made fun of you in order to get your goat.  You are showing presidential restraint FINALLY.  In time, you’ll probably embrace the humor as it is just jokes and not real life.  Or perhaps you’ll forget all about it because your ride is about to get wild and woolly.

With no surprises in the electoral college vote we get to see that the system in place is functional, albeit with some major flaws.  It goes to show that those that voted are following along how the system is supposed to work and that the electoral college is respecting the process as well.

Is the electoral college the best system we could have?

Nah, but it is the system we have in place and we need to respect it and follow though with the process.  Let the country move forward and let us all benefit from the opportunities we have in front of us.  The electoral college is giving us that opportunity.





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