Florida Knucklehead Threatens Trump

Using Facebook as a medium, a Florida man posts that Trump Won’t be around all that long.

In the official category of Florida knuckleheads, a man from Pembroke Pines posted on Facebook that he believes Trump is an enemy of state. He also said that Trump will not last long and post a picture of the camouflage man holding a rifle with the caption, “The EXPEDITER OF Trump!”.

He’s been arrested of course and probably more so to keep him safe from himself and to keep the president elect safe from him. A man can’t be all that bright and possibly not even saying if he’s writing about eliminating the next president of the United States on Facebook or any other social media. In fact, writing that anywhere is absolutely nuts.

Just like he probably is.

Much to his surprise after writing that on Facebook he had visits from the Pembroke Pines Police Department as well as the Secret Service. I don’t care who you are you’ll want that kind of law enforcement showing up on your front door step. Odds are the guy had no ability or any real intention of assassinating Mr. Trump but you can’t play the odds in a situation like this as this is not a casino nor is it a game of cards with your buddies on Saturday night.

So this guy, Kevin Krohn, gets real agitated when talking with the Secret Service and stated that his posts on Facebook are an expression of his First Amendment rights and that he is allowed to say anything he wants to say.  Surely that is part of the rules of order in the Florida Knucklehead manual and as a card carrying member he believes everything in that manual. Not only did he get agitated but he also got confrontational with the secret Service.

That is probably not a good idea when they are at your house asking you about threats you made against the man that is going to be the Chief Executive Officer of the United States in just under a month.  Just sayin’.

Mind you, this is all happening with Donald Trump and his family down at their Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago which is a stone’s throw away from Mr. Krohn’s house.  Bad timing to boot, Kevin.

Krohn’s girlfriend (this guy has a girlfriend?) wasn’t exactly backing him up either as she gladly showed the authorities where his laptop was and, much to everyone’s surprise, there was a tab in one of his browsers with an article about Mr. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, being harassed.  As to Mr. Krohn’s use of Facebook, she denied knowing what he was doing on it.

Look, lots of people are terribly disappointed in the results of the election but taking the man’s life, hassling his daughter as she flies with her family (what was she doing flying commercial anyway?) or any other physically harmful ideas are out of line.  You can’t espouse that it would be good for someone to harm the president elect or the Secret Service is going to show up and ring your doorbell.

And rightfully so.

You can’t give his daughter a hard time on a Jet Blue flight or they will kick you off the plane.

And rightfully so.

Do not join the Knucklehead Society in your State or your I.Q. will drop considerably and you may end up wearing a set of bracelets that do not match the rest of your accessories.

By the way, Krohn is now residing at the local jail awaiting dentention hearing.

Don’t be like Krohn and move to your local jail.


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