Germany and The Great Depression

How did the great depression change Germany politically?

The great depression had an impact on Germany in a political sense as that country was experiencing the same problems as the USA.  No work, no jobs, no money and people grasping at straws to work the economic issues out.  The agriculture industry was taking a huge hit as prices internationally were going down and that put many farmers out of work and many lost their farms as well.

Industrial production came to a screeching halt and more and more people ended up as poor as the dirt that the farmers were no longer tilling.  That sort of thing causes people to look for any measure of hope at all no matter how big or small and brings about a sense of desperation that clouds one’s view.

With the fall of the economy came the fall ofHow did the great depression change Germany politically their democratic process.

In steps Adolf Hitler with promises to fix things and get Germany back on track.  His bill of goods was marketed and sold well as the German people bought into his political philosophies relative to the economy.  The German people did not immediately buy into his train of thought but he was persistent to get his ideas appreciated and approved by the populous.

The problem was that his ideas in other areas were so extreme that Germany ended up in a horrible place.  Sure the economy got better and people were eating on a regular basis, shopping at normal stores and all looked good until Hitler implemented some of his more extreme measures.

The people of Germany were so desperate for economic change they failed to look at the society changes that would come about if they put the Nazi leader in charge and thus millions of innocent people died.  The country went from a Democratic entity to one that was ruled by socialism and a government whose leader was completely off the mark when it came to showing compassion for the very people he was supposed to lead.

Poverty often causes people to to extreme measures and the great depression changed Germany about as much as a country can change from an economic crisis.

So there you have a quick tutorial on how the great depression changed Germany politically.

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