The Insane Clown President Is Out Of Control

Protests are calling Donald J Trump an Insane Clown President

With the extreme moves in the 45th president during the first 10 days of his administration, many have taken to the streets in various forms of protest calling him all kinds of names including Insane Clown President.

That kind of activity usually ends up costing the protestors more than helping them as it takes away from their message and puts the name calling out front. Thinking that sort of thing and acting in a way that will get their message across is usually a much better way to protest. Sure, they will get attention from going to the same extremes they are complaining about but the attention will be covered in cloth that they created by the outrageous comments and forms of protests.

Maybe the president plays a clown at home for fun and maybe the president is really insane but to call the president an insane clown president is a weak move in my opinion.

How about you call him out for the things you disagree with and not call him names or make up ridiculous signs and get your point across in a way that will generate real eyeballs on the alternatives? Would that not make a ton more sense? The protesting community may not get as much attention but the attention it would garner would be real attention and would see the rebuttals as opposed to see a bunch of people out of control.

There was a video I saw on social media this morning that showed a bunch of protestors chasing a person that stated he voted for Mr. Trump and when they caught him they literally knocked him out. Not only is that a criminal act but it also eliminates any opportunity for the Trump voter to hear your side of the story and it also makes you look like a bunch of animals.

Sure, I understand that the majority of those that are anti-Trump policies are not calling him an insane clown president and I know that the majority of those that are anti-Trump policies are not out on the streets with outlandish signs and causing any violence. I’m also well aware that in the United States we have freedom of speech to get our point across and to not exercise it is to not take advantage of one of our great freedoms.

But use that freedom of speech wisely so you can “win” as opposed to using it in a way that denigrates your message. Disagree or not you lose credibility when the conversation turns to name calling and violence.  It actually causes the protestor to look like an insane clown himself at times and is on of the weakest ways to get a point across.

Win the battle with class and quality communication and not with silly walks, stupid signs and the name calling that is consistent with what you see on a schoolyard that is compromised of 7 and 8 year old children.

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