Is Hillary Done?

Stick a Fork in Hillary?

Is Hillary Rodman Clinton going to go the way of speech making for corporate dollars and fill her bank account even more or do we expect to see her back in politics in some manner or fashion?

I’m sure that Mrs. Clinton is not even sure what path to take next after the head spinning results of November 8th as she got upset by President Elect Donald J Trump.  Who wouldn’t be as the polls had her trouncing the newly elected president for months now.

We all know that Hillary and Bill are set for life financially so there is no real need for the former Secretary of State to look for gainful

Stick a Fork in Her?

Stick a Fork in Her?

employment so she could go the way of real public service and start a non-profit that empowers girls and young women as that was certainly part of her campaign rhetoric.

On the other hand, perhaps the big bucks associated with the rubber chicken circuit would be hard to resist as there are plenty of organizations that would love to have her on the speaking dais.  She may not command the same kind of speaking fee that her husband, President Clinton, receives but you can bet it would be a pretty penny.

As to politics, maybe being part of think tank could be in her future as she is a very cerebral person and would probably love that kind of involvement but that may tie her down too much.  It is highly unlikely that she would run for any office as she did when she was a Senator from New York as this campaign certainly took its toll on her and her vision has been the leader of the free world for some time.  Lowering her “standards” would most likely not happen.

Will Hillary run again in 2020?

She will be in her 70’s, other Democrats will be vying for the job, and she probably won’t be as relevant as she was this time around; all of which makes the general consensus a big fat “NO”.

There is some speculation that she will still keep her hands in the business of the Democratic party to a certain degree just to stay involved and continue to push her agendas as well as take some of the low hanging fruit from some speaking gigs and not work all that hard.

She has put in a lot of years of hard work culminating with the past 17 months or so of campaigning which would wear out a triathlete let alone a 70 year old woman.

It is hard to fathom that she would just fade into the sunset though as that has never been her personality but all things come to an end, good and bad.

As of right now, she will be walking her dog in upstate New York and reflecting on her future.


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