Is Trump Bad For Business?


Trumps Tweets Could Be Bad For Business.

Over the past week or so, Donald Trump has caused the stock value of at least 2 companies fall from his tweeting and he is not even the President yet!

Boeing and Lockheed both got hit due to The Donalds tweets about the money that the USA was spending on them and we have yet to see the whites of his eyes. Imagine what is going to happen when he actually has real power.  Calling out Boeing for the costs of the new Airforce One and alluding that the costs for our military are out of control and causing Lockheed’s stock to drop with just a tweet backed up with no real information could be a foreshadowing of what we have yet to see in terms of the effect Trumps Tweets have on businesses over the next 4 years.

We know this much though, Trumps Tweets are bad for business.

Since Twitter is a micro blog platform only allowing 140 characters per tweet, it is impossible for Trump to explain himself with any depth and the knee jerk reaction from Wall Street is always going to happen and could have a real bad effect on business in the United States as well as globally.

How could this sort of thing benefit him personally?  I’m not sure that it could or that he is thinking things through when he does tweet.  I do think it would be wise for the President to measure twice and cut once before tweeting as the results thus far have been less than positive.

He may not realize how big a stick he carries and if not someone needs to tell him.

We can’t have the leader of the free world tweeting out commentary that is going to hurt business and that really needs to stop now.  The President has a much more comprehensive platform from which to communicate and using that will be better for the country and better for business.  Being able to share his reasoning and thoughts behind his statements is as important as the statements themselves.  A statement without back up content is nothing more than a lot of hat and no cowboy.  I’m 100% sure there is some reasoning, facts and consultation behind the comments that Trump Tweets but the platform does not allow him to share any of that and the country can’t just guess either.

Nor will it.

With Trumps Tweets hurting business it is also hurting the economy as a whole.  That will have a trickle down effect on jobs, smaller businesses, housing… the entire economy is going to feel this should he not reign this in.  And, why does he not have someone managing his social media at this point anyway?  His hands are full with all the other things he has going on like appointing his buddies to cabinet positions, kicking Chris Christie to the curb, trying to figure a way to not be involved in his business by using his children as the managers of his blind trust, bailing on Intelligence Briefings and mocking the CIA over the Russian hacking scandal.

I joke.

Getting ready to run the country is a huge undertaking and I am sure that Trump is doing all he can to make sure that the USA is going to be in good hands over the next 4 years.  He’s just got to start doing things a little bit differently and stop tweeting and hurting business in the process.



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