White House Not Holding Ivanka Trump Back

Out of everyone in the Trump family, nobody enjoys leaving home and traveling around the globe more than Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand is also quite famous, and had made leaps and bounds in growth worldwide since her father took office in the United States White House (which was to be expected).

Being an advisor for the White House should ultimately prohibit Ivanka from continuing with her business and stop her from being able to constantly travel, but it hasn’t seemed to be stop her yet. Ivanka has done whatever she could do to avoid getting in trouble. Now that she’s in a high ranking position, she’s got to tread carefully. She has allowed her company to Trump violating ethics lawsbe placed into a trust, and is still holds a lot of monetary control over her company. However, she needs to be careful not to violate any laws set by the United States that have to do with favoring your business while working high up in our government.

Some things that might look bad to our government include her meeting Chinese officials and then getting her trademarks up for approval on the same day she met them. This makes it appear as though the Chinese gave her company trademarks due to the unfair advantage she had from being a government official for the USA. This could possibly lead into future trouble for her. Ivanka still has many other countries that she’s currently waiting to be approved for in terms of getting trademarked, but she needs to be sure not to create a conflict of interest throughout any of this.

What could go wrong with Ivanka’s company?

The bad news is that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are both workers for the White House right now, stopping either of them from effectively working on her business and helping it to reach its full potential. Her constantly getting meetings and making decisions high up in our government will ultimately affect her by stopping her from using our government to raise her holdings from the almost $700 million she’s currently worth. The large issue currently resides in the trademarks that she’s bound to get from other countries. While trademarks weren’t directly stated in the clause not allowing government officials to benefit their own companies while in office, a trademark could very well increase her lifetime net worth in the near future by allowing her company to operate easier by selling to these other countries. Trademarks are so valuable that issues may soon arise over this matter.

Steps she’s taking to help her company

Currently, Ivanka is pulling every card she can to help keep her company successful and afloat, while still wanting to work under her father in the White House. She’s done the following to try to separate herself from her company, effectively easing her way out of possible trouble she could get into:

  1. She’s got both her brother and sister in law doing work for her company that she would’ve been doing previously. This is allowing her to still have a say in what’s going on and still remove her from being a part of it from a technical point of view.
  2. She has someone else working as the company’s President, working the daily operations and allowing her to relax more.
  3. She still wants to be involved in her company, so her trust is allowing her some financial control still. Such as allowing her to approve or disapprove motions that go through her company. This probably isn’t good for her in a technical point of view, but it’s understandable that she wants to maintain a part of her company still.

One of the main reasons that Ivanka Trump’s brand has been trying so hard to get trademarks is due to areas in other countries that have been trying to take advantage of her business’s name. They’ve been making knockoff products and trying to sell them under her company’s name, which has stolen a lot of profit and business from the actual company.

If Ivanka could successfully get trademarks in each of these countries, it could really help to benefit her company by ensuring safe practices are going on everywhere else in the world regarding her brand. Just as an example for how much Ivanka appreciates other countries in the world, you can read this to see another scenario where she found a reason to travel across the world.

What made her brand so popular in China?

You might be wondering why Ms. Trump’s brand has been so popular in China. Here’s the short reason why: China is currently undergoing a phase where luxury items have even more value than they have here in the United States. Due to her name, and style of her products, Ivanka Trump’s brand has become very famous in China. Another event that made Ivanka’s name reach different parts of China was the video that went viral there of her daughter singing in Mandarin. Also, tons of wholesale sales were made in Chinese markets, allowing her products to be seen just about anywhere you look there.

Overall, we have no clue what’s to happen next. How will Ivanka handle being an employee for the United States Government and also be able to run her business? It’s sure to be a difficult change for her, but knowing the wit she carries she’ll figure something out. The next many years of her father being President will be interesting to say the least, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear about Ivanka’s company and how it’s going to stay afloat without her. If her trademarks end up going through in all of these foreign countries, Ivanka’s going to be in a world of trouble with people here in the United States not liking that and many will accuse her of abusing her power as a government employee for our country.