John Kasich Our Next President?

Could Governor Kasich be our next president?

With some of those that have the opportunity to cast electoral votes on December 19th squawking that they are not going to follow the traditional path of voting as the people voted, a call to have the Electoral College vote John Kasich the next president.

The movement, started by a paramedic in Texas, is slow to take off though and John Kasich himself said he has no interest as he is not a candidate for president.

That may not stop the movement for the electoral college to gain momentum and vote for Kasich as there is continued unrest in the group of voters due to the volatility of the campaign and the polarizing figures Kasich  next presidentof both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton.

The odds of enough voters in the electoral college to change their vote to even see Trump lose his 270 votes is low and thus the odds of enough voters voting in Kasich is not considered a reality.  The movement to have Gov. Kasich elected by the electoral college is about as close to impossible as it is for the moon to fall out of the sky.

And the electoral college knows it.

Why then would there be such a movement?

The rhetoric surrounding the unseating of the president elect is more preaching and posturing than anything.  It is a platform to get a message out that they hope the incoming president hears so he can respect some of their wishes and vision for the country.  Clearly an OP-ED piece in the New York Times is going to get some attention, even if it is just an appointee or advisor of the newly elected president.

Even that could help form some policies that are in line with those that are considering a protest vote.

Strangely enough, Mrs. Clinton has not said a peep about the whole movement to not have the vote certified by the electoral college.  Perhaps it is because she is holding on to that slight glimmer of hope that the presidency can still be had or maybe it is because she is done with politics and is out enjoying her life with her husband, Bill.

Either way, I’m sure Mrs. Clinton is 99.9% sure that come December 19th, when the electoral college votes, that nothing will come of the protest voters and neither she, nor Governor Kasich will get voted in by the Electoral College.


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