Let it Go, Hillary

Isn’t it time to let go, Mrs. Clinton?

While going through some tweets I noticed Mrs. Clinton’s twitter feed for some reason. I am not much of a Twitter guy as 140 characters just does not work for me but I do read some of what others post.

Nothing from Mrs. Clinton’s Twitter page for a week or so but I did notice that her header is still her campaign picture.  Standing at a podium with the Stronger Together motto on the podium as well as many in the crowd with the same sign held high.

That’s probably a nice memory for her and I applaud her efforts but it’s time to let it go and move on, Madam Secretary.

Change the banner to the next phase of your life or at least to a picture of you not campaigning.  Sure, losing hurt, we all saw that in your speech as you were all decked out in purple and black but it is time for you to turn the corner and consider how you come off to the American people now.

It’s time to let it go, Hil.

You probably did not plan for anything but being President Clinton the next four years, and most of us thought the same thing, so you may be at a loss as to which direction you are going to go.  Your social media should present you in a way that is at least neutral in that respect.

How about you lose the campaign banner and put a collage of pictures with you and Mr. Clinton enjoying life in upstate New York.  Maybe some pics of you walking your dog in the woods and seeing people as just a person and not a politician.  We’ve seen other stories in the news about how you were taking selfies with people as you walked your dog or shopped in your local grocery store.

Let’s see the human Hillary on your social media pages and not the political machine Hillary as that chapter is closed.  Surely Mr. Trump his not going to appoint you to anything in the near future and most other political positions are well beneath you in terms of you being well over qualified.  And even if you were appointed or took some local position in politics it would feel uncomfortable for you as well as those around you.

So, clean up your Twitter account. Have your assistants put together a nice series of pics of Hillary the private citizen and tweet some about how life is for someone who gave it their all but has now moved on.

Hillary, we love you but please let it go.

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