Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Medical marijuana laws were on the ballots in several States and no 4 more States have either gone from, “No Medical Marijuana” to “Now it’s Allowed” or just upgraded so that the opportunity to get medical marijuana is now expanded to encompass more people.

The dichotomy between the State and Federal laws remain though as it is against federal laws to have distribute it or have possession.  Although there is that contrast in laws, rarely does anyone have an issue with a federal officer in the States where it is legal.

In addition to the increased opportunities for medical marijuana, recreational use is now allowed in several States because of ballot initiatives that went their way.

What was once something that you did behind the garage as a teen because it was illegal, you can now do in a variety of forms in many

Marijuana goes mainstream

Just Like Going to Your Local Corner Store

States and the stigma of the pothead is going away as more and more States permit the use.

In all there are now 28 States that allow medical marijuana as well as Washington D.C. Below is the list of States:

1) Alaska

2) Arizona

3) Arkansas

4) California

5) Colorado

6) Connecticut

7) Delaware

8) Florida

9) Hawaii

10) Illinois

11) Maine

12) Maryland

13) Massachusetts

14) Michigan

15) Minnesota

16) Montana

17) Nevada

18) New Hampshire

19) New Jersey

20) New Mexico

21) New York

22) North Dakota

23) Ohio

24) Oregon

25) Pennsylvania

26) Rhode Island

27) Vermont

28) Washington

Washington, DC

Recreational marijuana is also making a move as now 7 States permit it’s use for adults only.  Those States are:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington

The laws vary as to the volume of pot one can have at one time and all transactions have to be done in cash or federal laws get broken due to it being illegal on a federal level but that has not slowed the movement nor the ability for people to find investors to start and build the various growing and retail operations.

Things will only progress as the industry gets accepted more and more into mainstream society.  For instance, in Florida there are only 11 doctors allowed to prescribe marijuana in the entire State.  With the law expanding to allow more people access, that number is sure to grow exponentially.

Cheech and Chong may have made some funny movies about the plant but marijuana has made it’s way to the “regular” world.

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