Mitt or Rudy?

Trump is now considering either Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani for Secretary of State.

At some point, he has to make a decision on what is certainly a huge piece of his administration team and he appears to be waffling back and forth quite a bit on this.  There is talk that he is asking anyone and everyone their opinion on this, even this past weekend at his palatial Palm Beach resort, Mar-A-Lago.

This is not the apprentice, Mr. Trump.

Asking others who are just friends and family who they think you should appoint looks as though you are not so inclined to lead as you are to be lead.  You have some solid people on your team, most notably, Mike Pence.  Get with them and brainstorm and bounce the pros and cons around behind closed doors and leave the average Joe Blow citizen out of the process.

Despite what the popular vote indicates, you are going to be the next President of the United States and the populous sure would like to see you make the call without looking like you are afraid to upset others or make a mistake.

Should you upset others, so what.  They will get over it or not.

Should you make a mistake, well, we all make mistakes and you’ll have the power to undo just about any mistake you make in these early days of your time as president elect.

The thought of you making Mitt Romney the next Secretary of State makes a ton of sense to a lot of those looking in because he opposes you in a variety of areas and that would be a counter balance.  We all need some counter balance in our lives and certainly the President needs some in his.

Putting Rudy Giuliani in the position of Secretary of State could make it look like you are just repaying him for his lap dog love during the campaign which is not an uncommon practice in politics.

But, you said you are kicking conventional politics to the curb so maybe you see something in Mr. Giuliani that the rest of us are missing.

One thing is for sure, Giuliani is sure pushing the envelope and looking a tad desperate to the public when it comes to him being the new Secretary of State.

Romney, on the other hand, appears to be standing strong and not bowing to pressure to apologize for his behavior while you were running for president and stated that his interest in any appointment is solely for the betterment of the United States.

Let’s get the ball rolling and sit with Mr. Pence et al and work this out.

Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney; pick one.


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