No Hand Recount in Wisconsin

Judge rules against hand recount in Wisconsin

A judge in Wisconsin went against her personal opinion to uphold the law when she ruled against a hand recount being required in Wisconsin.

Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn stated that the request did not meet the legal requirements for a hand recount and would not force the issue despite that both Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton were requesting that.

According to what was presented to Judge Bailey-Rihn there was just not enough evidence to suggest that there was fraud committed with the actual voting machines.  She even alluded to the thought that she would prefer a hand count but would not order it. 

It’s nice to see a Judge go against their own thinking and just enforce the law as it is written.

As to how this will affect the outcome of the election, probably not much if at all.  With the electoral votes as they sit, there would have to be a huge swing in the voting results to unseat Mr. Trump as the president elect and put Mrs. Clinton in that chair.  The amount of popular votes it would take to upend things is outside of anyone’s probability charts and this is really nothing more than an action in futility.

Stein’s attorney has stated that they are unsure if they are going to appeal but if they do they run the risk of the clock timing them out.  Odds are they will go with the ruling and do what they can in the time they have.  It should be noted that a hand recount can still happen, it is just not an order so Wisconsin voting officials can just go ahead with the hand recount if they desire.

They won’t though.

Mrs. Clinton’s team has stated publicly that their reasoning to back the recount was not to change the election results.  Clinton’s camp consider the push for a hand recount beneficial as it would instill confidence in the election results as it would be more accurate than a machine recount. 

Possibly but if you have someone counting ballets for 6 hours they may just get tired and make a handful of mistakes.  Machines don’t need coffee and lunch breaks and don’t get tired.

Either way, even Mrs. Clinton thinks this is not going to change the outcome of November 8th and is probably in upstate New York enjoying the fresh air and changing of the leaves as she and Bill walk their dog.

No hand recount in WI; that’s actually a good thing.

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