Obama Pardoning Clinton

Rev. Jessie Jackson wants Obama to pardon Clinton

Although it is none of Jesse Jackson’s business, and what relevancy has anymore is beyond me as well as many others, Jackson is calling for Obama to pardon Clinton.

Now the Rev. Jesse Jackson did not say that Clinton did anything wrong, he did not say she broke the law, he didn’t even imply any think along those lines but he still wants President Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton. My thinking is if I was calling for someone to be pardoned by a sitting president I would probably say what she should be pardoned from. We know that’s not happen from Jesse Jackson.

Whether Mrs. Clinton broke the law or not, it is neither here or there. In fact I’m borderline I don’t even care. I don’t know if it makes sense to push the issue and investigate more would just let it go because there are so many different factors to take into consideration.

The FBI has already said they see no reason to prosecute Mrs. Clinton for the whole email mess. Those guys are the ones that did the investigation and they would know if there was a law broken and would bring that evidence to the Atty. Gen. for decision to be made as to where to go. But they did not find evidence that would make a case in their opinion.

Also, in my opinion, Mrs. Clinton has already paid a bit of a price for not following proper protocol when it came to emails that could have exposed the United States and made it vulnerable. The price is not just that she lost the election based on some timing by the FBI director. There is also been a fair amount of emotional pain as well as stress that she must’ve had to experience during the investigative process.

Also, why pardon someone who has no reason to be pardoned.

Will newly elected president Trump order the FBI to pursue harder, dig deeper and try and find something on the former Secretary of State?

I doubt it. That ship has sailed it makes no sense for United States to spend any more money, time or resources pursuing something that has been pursued and investigated properly already.

I also don’t think it makes any sense for the outgoing president to pardon someone at this point in time and especially someone who served under him as his Secretary of State. It would look bad to the citizens of the United States, to those in other countries and would tarnish President Obama’s image.

You won’t see a headline like this one:

Obama Pardons Clinton

So, Jesse Jackson, thanks for your opinion but I think you wasted your words.

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