President Trump’s Advisors

Are President Trump’s Advisors Swamp People?

With the talk on the campaign trail about President Elect Trump draining the swamp we thought we would look at his advisors and see if the swamp was indeed being drained or if perhaps we are still seeing some of the same ole’ same ole’.

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a close advisor to the soon to be President Trump.  He is smart, has done very well in business, picked a good woman for his wife (she picked him too – I’m not some kind of jackwagon) and seems to have a good head when it comes to policy and people.  He is not a member of the swamp people that Trump was going to oust but he is recommending that the entire swamp not be drained with his suggestions for Cabinet positions and other members of the new Presidential staff.

I think we give him a pass as a swamp person as he is a true outsider in D.C. although that may change in the near future as he and his wife are considering a move down there from their NY home.President Trumps Advisors

Reince Priebus, his Chief of Staff, has a history in the Republican Party and a long history at that.  He was the Chairman of the Republican Party and is a true insider.  This one is not even close yet it may make sense that Mr. Trump chose him as an advisor and to be his COS. Priebus was instrumental in building a bridge between the president elect and the Republican party as he has good relationships with all the players which include Paul Ryan.  Kushner thought him to be a good choice and recommended him as did Ryan and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

We don’t give him a pass as a swamp person but we do think it was a good choice for the country as a whole in terms of mending fences (not the wall!).

Steve Bannon.  Really?  He is not an insider by any means but his right wing thinking process puts the president’s advisory committee way over to one side right off the bat.  An investment banker for Goldman Sacks and his affiliation with Briebart News which has been pro Trump since day one make this pick a little wonky for many.  His anti-semitic comments over the years makes him look like he may have some issues that one would not want in an advisor to the president.

We give him a pass as a swamp person but not as an advisor as there is just too much baggage and too much partisan thought process from his camp.

Mike Pence.  Sure, Mr. Pence is his Vice-President but also a close advisor in Trump’s world.  Not actually a swamp person as he was a Governor but still washes his hands with Republican soap and water.  A conservative who has a solid reputation as to being upstanding, this may be a good choice, not only as a VP but also as an advisor for Trump.  In fact, appointing him as the one to lead the transition was probably one of the finer moves that Trump made in his first few days as president elect.

We consider him a hybrid swamp person and non swamp person and think he is a good aspect to the Trump Advisory team.

Rudy Giuliani (Rudolph William Louis “RudyGiuliani).  He is not an advisor and for good reason.  Giuliani followed Trump around the campaign trail like a little puppy as he was vying to get a Cabinet position should Trump get elected.  Once elected, the rumor is he would only accept the Secretary of State Cabinet position and Donald Trump would have none of it. Giuliani, at 72, may not have the stamina to be able to handle the workload and he had some conflicts as to business dealings he had done over the years in foreign countries.

Rudy Giuliani is not a swamp person but not having him in Trump’s camp for the next four years makes sense as his loyalty was not to the USA as much as it was to him getting what he wanted.  He was a fine Mayor in NYC but national politics is not his cup of tea.

Chris Christie.  Although I’m a fan of some of Governor Christie’s style, I was disappointed to see him bow down to Donald J. Trump right after he got bumped from running for president.  Sure, Mr. Christie stepped down as it was clear he did not have a chance to win but that is essentially getting bumped.  That disappointed me and had me fall out of the fans of Chris Christie club.  I would have hoped he would have maintained a stand that he was pro Christie and not thrilled with the other candidates until one was actually chosen.  Frankly I think he got played by Trump as he was sent packing back to the Garden State once all was said and done.

Governor Christie would have been a swamp person had he had the chance in my opinion as he was easily manipulated by Trump and took a back seat much too often.

Soon to be President Trump has more advisors than the ones we covered today and we will share our thoughts on some of them going forward but it appears that the swamp is not filled with pure spring water.

President Trump’s Advisors, sort of swampy.


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