Protests and Riots Over Trump’s Election?

 Protests, protests, protests.

As is expected there is a tremendous amount of controversy with the election of Donald J Trump as president of the United States. And although the election results will not be reversed there have been protests, almost the point of riots, all throughout the country.

So what does that mean?

Typically it just means people are blowing off steam. In all reality the majority of the people that are protesting realize that nothing will come of it. I guess they could move to Canada like many have said they were going to do but we know that’s not going totrump_protest_washington_d-c happen. They made bucking scream and yell and moan and cry but the end result will be the inauguration of Donald Trump after all is said and done.

Will the protests affect how Trump is going to move forward?


In all reality he probably doesn’t even care. He knows that he did not win the popular vote and he knows that there’s millions of Americans who did not want him to be president but rather wanted Hillary Rodham Clinton to be charged the next four years. I’m sure the only reason he is even aware of the protests is because it them brought to his attentionso that should he get questioned about it he can respond in a presidential manner.

Though probably say something along the lines of, “In America we have the freedom to express ourselves in many different ways and do it publicly as well as privately. That’s one of things that makes this country great. We are founded on freedom of speech and will continue to live with that freedom in our lives. I only hope that the people who were protesting our own protesting me and not this great land of ours or the election process.”

The people are protesting will die down and relax and start to accept the results of November 8 because all reality they don’t have any choice. They can say that he’s not the president but he is after citizens United States. They can say he stole the election but that’s not true he just outwitted his opponent. They can say he’s going to make the country worse but we don’t know what could happen; we just know that all the protests in all the hollering and all the screaming is not to change the results of the election.


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