Rudy Giuliani Named Secretary of State

Is that to be announced soon?

Will we see:

Breaking News – Rudy Giuliani Named Secretary of State?

That is the rumor swirling around the newly elected president, Donald Trump’s camp.  There have been several reports that Giuliani is his choice for Secretary of State and that an announcement is imminent.

The rumors indicate that Rudy Giuliani has been offered the position of Secretary of State and is mulling his options and will make a decision soon on that.  If so, it will be an appointment that is a little off the mark in many people’s opinion as his background working with other countries has only been for personal financial gain and that could cause some issues as he works with Heads of State in those countries.

He has also lobbied for some of those countries here in the United States so there are conflicts on several fronts.  Can Rudy Giuliani do a good job as Secretary of State?  There is a high probability that he can work around some of those question marks as he is a talented and knowledgeable communicator and knows how to negotiate.

Chris Christie was once in the running for the position but Bridgegate may have sunk his chances on any top-level position in the Trump presidency.  Even though Donald Trump and Mr. Christie have a long history together from their time in the New York Tri-State area, it would be hard for Trump to allow that kind of baggage to be a part of his inner core.

On the other hand, Rudy Giuliani being named Secretary of State makes a lot of sense as it will give Trump someone he trusts to handle foreign affairs that is tough and knows how to get things done.

Would Giuliani as the Secretary of State be hard for some countries to swallow?

Sure, but I believe anyone nominated is going to have to traverse some rough roads as they represent the United States to the world.  Rudy Giuliani has enough class and skill sets to be able to manage the responsibilities of Secretary of State and could very well be exactly what we need now.

There may be some issues as to his age as the position of Secretary of State requires a lot of energy and travel and you could see Mrs. Clinton a bit weary at times from the travel and pressure of the head of foreign relations representing the USA.

Rudy Giuliani Named Secretary of State.

That would be an interesting announcement.

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