Stein is spending money she doesn’t have!

The Green party candidate, Jill Stein, is blowing money as if she is a casino and losing badly.

Stein said that she was going to find a way to get the election results recounted in several states and raised a ton of money. The thing is though, she spent $1 million dollars already on Administrative expenses and other “non-stop the bad guy from running the country” efforts.

Between the consultants, lawyers fees and staff expenses, Stein has spent about 1/7th of the money she raised to force recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. It is starting to look like her real motives was to continue to pay those that helped her in her campaign and a lot less than wanting to help keep America on the straight and narrow when it comes to elections.

Maybe we were not too far off the mark when we talked about her making sure she got her 15 minutes of fame.

If you thought that there would be no expenses related to the efforts,Stein is spending money she doesn't have you were being as naive as a second grader but a million dollars is a lot of money to spend as ancillary expenses for her movement.

Of the three States that she actually targeted, only one went through and Trump ended up with over 100 more votes than on election day and that was Wisconsin. Pennsylvania and Michigan never got that far as Federal Judges nixed the process.

Fun fact; the money that Stein collected for the recounts was double what she collected during her campaign!

And the publicity was 10 times what she got when she ran for President this time around.

Now I’m starting to think that we were spot on when it came to Jill Stein and her 15 minutes.

It would not surprise me to see a Federal agency want to look into how Stein spent $1,000,000.00 that was not hers on staff and other expenses for a recount that was in one third of the states targeted and was an abysmal failure to boot. There has to be some over site committee that will want to look the books over (thereby spending even more money) to see where that money actually went and if the receivers of the cash actually had the right to collect it.

Looking as an outsider, I get that Jill Stein is not so good with managing her money and maybe that is all this is as she had 3.2 million dollars in her campaign treasury and ended that in the red close to 90K.

So, Jill Stein a terrible money manager or someone that is making sure her people are still getting their piece of the contribution pie?

That is a tough question but it is about time Stein dials it back and blends into the crowd once again as her constant efforts to get the spot light on her is costing good people money.

Jill Stein, stop spending other people’s money for your 15 minutes!

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