Ted Cruz Named Attorney General

Ted Cruz New Attorney General

Soon to be announced:

 Ted Cruz Named Attorney General

Speculation is surrounding the Trump administration that a meeting with the Senator from Texas has him in the running for a cabinet spot.  We may very well hear the words Ted Cruz Named Attorney General.

Cruz has not been offered the position formally yet but there is a lot of speculation that he is going to leave his Texas home and move to Washington DC to take on the responsibilities as Attorney General.  Ted Cruz is well suited for the position as he has a law degree from Harvard after spending his first 4 years in higher education at Princeton and also worked as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice.

Professionally he is well suited to be the Attorney General and many insiders think he would be a good choice.  He has stated that he has no interest in being a Supreme Court Justice so this would be a good fit for a man of his education and professional work history in politics.

Still, it is a little hard to fathom that Donald Trump is able to mend a fence that was built on the campaign trail where he continually called Cruz, Lying Ted.  Apparently he has skills above and beyond those which are public and may just announce from his office in Trump Towers:

Ted Cruz Named Attorney General

The Republican party should be excited if he is indeed named AG as that would put a conservative in a power position and help the party mend after a contentious 15 – 18 months.  There was a lot of acrimony and some of the candidates for president did not endorse Trump, despite their pledge to do so, due to the amount of negative campaigning.

Ted Cruz was especially angered as there were a lot of personal insults and barbs tossed about and Cruz being named Attorney General is a 180 degree turn from the relationship, or should I say the lack of relationship, between him and The Donald.

To be frank, I think it is good for the country in that it will help bring the people together and have bygones be bygones.  Having the political leaders of our country at each other’s throats is not going to accomplish anything more than headlines in the Enquirer.

As they come together and begin to build our country we are able to move forward and get things accomplished with each side of the aisle working together once there is some semblance of unity in the ruling party.

Ted Cruz Named Attorney General

That has a nice ring to it!


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