Thanks Donald

It’s Time to Say, “Thanks, Donald”.

You have yet to do anything of any consequence as you do not have the signet ring on but we need to start getting ready to say, “Thanks, Donald!” as we expect 4 years of reasons to thank him.

Thanks, Donald, for letting some 1200 jobs go to Mexico from the Carrier Corporation deal you made with Mr. Pence in Indiana.  Sure you saved some 800 jobs or so but you let the rest of them go south to the country that sent us rapists, druggies, criminals and we assume some good people.  Maybe the people that live in Mexico that are assumed to be good people will benefit from those jobs you let slip through your hands.

We think you can do better.

Thanks, Donald, for the most contentious presidential campaign we have ever had in the 240 years we have been a country.  Never before has the United States been so torn apart and never before has so much hatred been pointed at opposing candidates as well as those that support those candidates.  Heck, some clowns think that Hillary Clinton is behind some kind of pedophilia ring!  Is that entirely the fault of The Donald? Not completely but leaders lead people in a direction and his rhetoric on the campaign trail led people into hatred.

Let’s build unity, OK?

Thanks, Donald, for the trillion dollars that were spent during the Christmas Holiday season.  Sure, you are quoting an October study as opposed to real time facts when you tweeted those numbers the other day but that’s OK.  Odds are someone on yourThanks Donald staff fed you information that was not accurate or you were just too jammed up draining the swamp to understand completely that those are projections from Deloitte.  Besides, facts are not as important as the optics, right?

Can you have your staff provide you more accurate info please?

Thanks, Donald, for being transparent with “we the people” when it comes to your tax returns.  Sure, you have not shared them citing an IRS audit but we are OK with that.  We know that you are still freely permitted to share your tax returns with the people so that we can get a better view into the man who is going to be the Commander-In-Chief for the next four years.  We don’t mind you holding back information that those running for president have shared for ages.

We are still hoping for you to come through with a better level of transparency.

Thanks, Donald, for having a foundation that gave freely and without any prejudices. Your foundation, which you are currently working on closing and is under investigation of the New York State Attorney General’s office, was super generous.  Here are a few things it donated money to:

  • 25K to a Florida Attorney General’s political campaign.
  • 250K to settle lawsuits for your “for profit” companies.
  • 264K to renovate a fountain which just happened to be outside your Plaza Hotel.
  • 30K on portraits of yourself.

I’m all for giving to entities that will benefit me; almost everyone is.  We just don’t do it with money from a non profit foundation that we control.

Come on, Man, you don’t need someone to pay for you to look good.  You’re rich.

Thanks, Donald, for taking charge and kicking the Republican establishment to the curb.  All during your campaign you promised the American people that you would move away from the establishment and create something new.  Seems you are actually going to ignore that promise and keep the status quo as your Chief of Staff, who is probably a fine man, was the Republican National Committee chairman. Understandably you are going to need someone who knows the ropes so you can push through your agendas but, really, you choose the top Republican to do that for you?

How about you listen to some of your speeches from the campaign?

Thanks, Donald, for choosing to not prosecute Hillary Clinton.  After all, she has been investigated by the FBI and they found no reason to bring charges to the Attorney General.  Yeah, she was sloppy like a 1 year old eating birthday cake with her emails but apparently nothing to the level of illegal.  There is a lot to be said negative about Hillary, as there is about almost anyone, but in this instance there was no criminal activity according to the people that investigate and bring charges.

You had no power to prosecute anyway but nice of you to decide to not follow through.

There is so much more to thank you for, Mr. Trump, and I hope that some of that goes away and you do indeed have the vision of American being a great country to live in, raise a family in and live a prosperous life.

Should that be the case, I’ll really say, Thanks, Donald!




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