The Anti-Technology President

Donald Trump is a huge fan of Twitter, emailing not so much.

If you have looked at any news websites these days, you are aware that Donald J. Trump, the president elect, is a huge Tweeter. He can pound out 140 character messages in his sleep and, reading some of them, I think he may have been asleep when he sent them out.

On the other hand, the president elect does not use email. Donald J Trump actually stated that he was anti-email.

That sounds a little nuts in today’s business environment, in which he has a huge presence, as an awful lot of business communication is conducted via email. I personally could not run any of my businesses without the use of email and have been in that position since at least 1999.

How in the world does Trump not use email and still run huge businesses?

Maybe if you look at his business bankruptcies that would point to him possibly missing the boat there.

I’m certainly not saying that eliminating email from his communication processes caused the 6 or so bankruptcies but I am saying that to not take advantage of something as convenient as email is a detriment to most people running any kind of business and it makes little sense to me. He is certainly not computer literate as email is one of the baby steps in today’s computer literate environment and he did state at one time that computers are not secure. Yet he is fine with his 10 year old son, Barron, Trump is anti-technology as presidentusing computers and Trump even proudly stated that his son is a little techie and can do anything with a computer.

So, why does Twitter appeal so much to Trump when the use of emails is non existent?

Trump is able to communicate something very quickly using Twitter, and in fact, often just speaks what he wants shared and it is typed out by another for him. As to emails, he believes there is just too much of a chance that a valuable communication can be intercepted and would rather just go old school when communicating.

Trump is also not much of a fan of the internet as he rarely uses it and prefers to have actual written newspapers and magazines at his disposal. A far cry from the current president who is all about his Blackberry and iPad and believes that technology is key to the country moving forward.

So, with this technology challenged President about to take the helm is the United States going to head back to 1950?

Nah, we will not see reruns of the Eisenhower administration at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, nor will we see the White House trade out their PCs for Etch-A-Sketches. We will probably even see more technology and more security in the technical aspects of the government as that is needed to keep the machine moving forward.

The crazy thing about Trump being the anti-technology president is that he met with a bunch of techies already in a semi-formal setting, has intentions of asking a couple of them for advice in the future and, as we all know, can’t go 5 minutes without tweeting something or other.

His anti-technology stance is really just rhetoric as he knows we need to have technologies in place to make the world go round.

He knows we need the technological geniuses in the San Francisco Bay area as well as everywhere else to be on point and continue to develop new and exciting things.

Trump, the anti-technology president, told the tech executives that he was there to help.

He lauded and applauded them for the work they have done and said that anything that the Federal government can do for them it will.

Trump’s anti-technology presidential stance.

Smoke and mirrors.


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