The Most Revered Marine in a Generation

The most revered Marine in a generation is how the Marine Times describes Trumps choice for Defense Secretary.

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis may soon be the new Secretary of Defense if the president elect gets his way.

There may be some hurdles as the General has not been retired long enough to qualify without getting Congress to play along though.  Legislation will have to be passed by Congress to bypass the Federal law that says a defense secretary has to be retired for 7 years to be appointed.  That may take some effort as there are already those outside the Trump camp in Congress that are saying they are not onboard with the pick.

It is not unprecedented though as that hurdle was jumped in 1950 when General George C. Marshall was appointed and I’m sure that will be used in the discussions about getting Mattis approved.

The official announcement by Donald J. Trump will not come until Monday but he did share it with the crowd at a rally in Cincinnati as he is making his rounds in a thank you tour.  Donald J.Trump Jr also announced it via a tweet (of course!) despite a spokesman for the Trump transition team denying any choice had been made.  Is that a sign of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing or is that some kind of planned strategy to keep the focus on Trump rather than his transition team?

Who knows.

The general is no slacker by any means.  40 years in the Marines will make you a man no matter who you are.  He has served as a consultant and a visiting fellow at a Stanford University think tank, The Hoover Institution.

The problems that may arise in getting him approved are his aggressive form of communication (he doesn’t mince words) as well as his hard line stance against Iran asmost-revered-marine-in-this-generation he sees them as a bigger threat to world security than the terrorist groups.  That throws off some of those that think the other way around as there is a faction that wants us to build a positive relationship with Iran as part of our outreach for peace.

The appointment is interesting because Mattis is not going to bow down and be a yes man for the newly elected, soon to be inaugurated president.  He will speak his mind and do it in a way that is sure to catch the attention of even the most dismissive person.  He is a true war hero that organized troops and has led troops into battle several times and is widely respected by those that served under him, beside him and above him.

Let’s see if Congress agrees and puts revered Marine in a generation in the cabinet.



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