Trump and His Junk Food

Does Donald Trump Really Eat a Lot Of Junk Food?

There were an awful lot of pictures of Donald J. Trump, president elect, eating junk food. Does the president elect really eat lots of junk food?

And if he does, is it that good for America to have a president that eats a lot of junk food?

When a person runs for president, the campaign trail is brutal. I mean those that campaign hard don’t get enough sleep, don’t have time to eat, don’t have time to inhale and don’t have time to exhale. It’s 24/7 on a different level.

With that in mind odds are Trump ate more junk food than your average teenager due to time restraints as well as it was just more convenient. And, eating that food and having pictures of him eating that food, probably helped his campaign as much as it hurt his body. The American people got to see that he maybe was a little bit more like them than your average 5th Avenue living billionaire with a private plane and gilded furnishings.

That couldn’t have hurt him.

He is no kid at 70 years old and, truth be told, does not look all that bad for a 70 year old man either. I’m not so sure that I totally believe his doctor’s proclamation about how healthy he is, but I’m sure Trump is healthier than average despite the optics of him eating junk food on his jet on an all too regular basis.

Trump probably also has a person that manages his diet to a certain extent. I can’t imagine the Trump household doesn’t have a personal chef that either is well versed in aspects of healthy culinary menus or an additional person that plans the menu based on the needs of Mr. Trump and his family. He’s well managed in the diet area I am sure.

Trump will tell you that he easts a lot of junk food but I don’t know if that is part of him using superlatives for everything from the size of his manhood to the amount of Trump loves to eat junk foodthe money he has in the bank. He does say that he is not overly concerned about his diet and makes the point that “at least you know what is in it”.  My guess is that when he begins the grueling job of acting president his diet from junk food often will go to junk food now and then.  Remember he will be dining with others an awful lot and much of that will be in formal settings and you probably won’t see a Big Mac and fries served on presidential cutlery.

Trump may eat too much junk food but if you think about it, most of us do the same.

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