Trump Avoids Impeachment

Impeaching Trump Before He Takes Office?

Settling the Trump University lawsuit for Twenty-Five Million Dollars is one way to slow the roll of those that are licking their chops waiting to start impeachment proceedings once Trump takes the oath of office.

It also keeps Trump from having to testify which would have been an unprecedented event for a president elect.

Due to the aggressive campaign Trump and his staff members ran he made enemies that have been painting bulls-eyes on his back and that is probably going to cause him a sleepless night or two as he makes his new home in the White House.  The typical presidential campaign has some mudslinging but the extent of mudslinging we saw the past 17 months or so is akin to a mudslide avalanche in Northern California.

That does not come without some retribution.

So, Trump spent 25 Million dollars to avoid impeachment this time around and will probably spend more as he moves forward putting out fires in his business life to avoid looking like some scoundrel has been elected president and to avoid further opportunities for his enemies, which are now legion, to chant “Impeach Trump!”.

A little reminder that the last president impeached was Bill Clinton, another one who was accused of being a womanizer.  He, of course, was acquitted but for sure the sting of that series of events has to still be felt and possibly was part of the reason his wife, Hillary, was unable to defeat a 6 time bankrupt, 3 time married non-politician for president.

With Trump avoiding impeachment this time around with the fancy footwork of a settlement, the players are lining up other opportunities.  The real goal is not so much as to have him removed from the office that he has yet to take but to stop the forward progress of his agenda.

That is how Washington D.C. works and has for ages.

So, thus far, the presidency has cost Trump $25,000.000 yet one can’t help but wonder if that money being paid is even his money or will it come from some outside entity like one of his foundations or even some donors as part of protecting their guy.  And if it comes from donors, what will the payback be because we know there is always payback.

I’m not one that wants Trump to fail as a president.  That would be bad for the country and possibly bad for the entire world.  In fact, I’m glad to be able to write the headline:

Trump Avoids Impeachment

My fear is that the result of that 25MM settlement is going to come with a much higher cost than the money paid.

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