Trump Breaks Campaign Promises

President Elect Donald Trump to Break Campaign Promises

While it should come as no surprise that Trump is breaking his campaign promises many are calling form him to man up and stick to his word.  That is a minority though as most of those are fringe Right Wingers that fail to see the big picture.

Sure, Trump made campaign promises that he thought would get him more free press coverage as well as draw in the extremists but many that were following along thought that much of what he said he would do is just plain not doable.

Case in point.  There is no way he would be able to, nor does it make sense to anyone with a working brain, build a fence across the entire border of Mexico, let alone make Mexico pay for it. Much of the border area is in such rough terrain that people could not cross there so there is no need for a fence there.  Even top border patrol officials say all that is needed to slow illegal immigration from the South is about 4 or 5 miles of fence in certain areas.  The Donald knows that and had no real intention of putting up a “wall” across the entire border, essentially turning the Southern United States into a Federal Prison.

All previous Presidents have made campaign promises and broke them; that is American politics at the core unfortunately.

Usually though, they wait until they are in office before dialing it back and breaking promises.  Of course, you can’t possibly expect the 45th president to do anything that is common and usual and that is part and parcel as to why he got elected. He’s unconventional and his ideology is different than those that are normally living at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

We will see some of his promises kept but much of them will either be discarded altogether or adjusted to fit the landscape and the laws of the USA. Internment camps for Muslims is not going to happen no matter who he appoints to his National Security team and I suspect that we will not see some of his other outrageous campaign promises come to fruition either.

And that is a good thing.

We live in a land that has a majority of immigrants; many people came from other lands and settled here and made this country what it is and stopping the influx of immigrants based on their religious beliefs is as backwards as it gets and certainly will not be tolerated by the good citizens of the country.

Trump breaking campaign promises?

That’s a good thing.


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