Trump Hates Cuba

Does Donald Trump Hate The Entire Country of Cuba?

The president elect, Donald J Trump, is bloviating that he may nix the deal that Obama made with Cuba if he is not happy that it is the best that could happen for the American people.  Apparently a stepping stone deal is not what he would have in mind for a relationship that was dead for some 50 years.

There is a possibility that the arrangement that is in place could be tweaked to some extent to make it better for all involved but is that something that needs to be done in light of it being a brand new deal?  Don’t we want to build some trust with each other so that we can take larger steps and longer strides?

Look, I agree that we should be making the best deals for the American people but I also understand the process of building trust so that bigger and better things can be accomplished.

Just the other day we had a first;  Jet Blue, the innovative airline, announced service between New York City and Havana.  That could be a huge opportunity for both countries in the area of commerce and tourism as NYC is a hub for many travelers and has a boatload of money.

Imagine if the convenience of a flight out of JFK to Havana opened the door for some businessmen or businesswomen to build something that would create opportunities for citizens of both countries?  How cool would that be?

Politics is not an all or nothing industry and talk of back pedaling on an agreement with Cuba may hurt in the trust area and make it impossible to move forward into a closer relationship and better ties with the nation that sits just 90 miles from our mainland.

Let’s work with what we have there and not go back to 1959 again as the good that came out of a hard line stance between countries can be summed up in one word.  Nothing.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the benefits of working with Cuba and building a long term positive relationship with them by building trust.  It would benefit both countries in the long term and we could see some outstanding opportunity ahead.

Donald, please don’t hate Cuba.

Let’s not start over just because there are a few I’s not dotted or a few T’s not crossed.

Let’s build on this small foundation and end up with a great long term relationship with our Caribbean neighbor.

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