Trump ignores intelligence briefing meetings.

Why won’t Donald Trump attend intelligence briefings meetings.

Clearly somethings not right if the incoming president is not interested in attending intelligent briefing meetings that are critical to the safety and security of the citizens of United States. That would be one of the main responsibilities that the president will have once he is inaugurated in January. Failing to attend those intelligence briefing meetings can put him behind in terms of keeping the country safe from foes both inside and outside our country.

Your average citizen has no clue as to what goes on inside those briefings. And there is a reason why we do not.

Those in intelligence briefing meetings have a top secret information shared about work that is being done behind-the-scenes by people who work for agencies that are depicted by initials.

Why would the president to be have a reluctance to attend that sort of meeting?

Is it because he doesn’t really want the job of president?

Is it because he’s afraid to know that information at this point in his political life?

He has not expressed the reasoning behind him not having an interest in attending those meetings but our current presidents believes it is one of the most important parts of the presidency puzzle and not attending those briefings on a regular basis Will make it hard for Mr. Trump to play catch-up. It’s not some sort of static information base that is filled one upon the other but rather a dynamic aspect of running the country. One thing maybe one way today and it may be a different way tomorrow. Not being in the loop can be a huge error on the part of the president elect.

Fortunately the vice Pres. elect, Mike Pence, has been getting briefings almost every day. It Is almost as if Trump is going to let Pence be the point when it comes to that aspect of the executive branch. Even if that is the case it is important that the president knows what’s going on as well. The people elected him the president and not Mr. Pence. It is actually quite unusual for Trump to be ignoring these intelligent briefing meetings.

Information about covert operations and US espionage sources or a couple of things that are shared in these briefings and that information should be first hand to the president and not something that is just delegated without even looking at things over.

Richard Nixon operated similarly and was criticized for that as well. Look at how things turned out for him.

You would think that the man who talked about hacking elections both before and after the election we consider this top priority.

Yet Trump is still ignoring intelligence briefing meetings.

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