Trump Nixes New Airforce One

In a tweet, Trump Says Stop Building the New Airforce One!

Although there is no evidence to support what Trump tweeted, he wants the plans for a new Air Force One 747 stopped based one what he presumes to be the cost.

Trump stated in his tweet that the costs are going to be over 4 Billion Dollars yet nobody else associated with the project has said the cost is going to be anything near that.  How did he come up with 4 billion dollars for a new Airforce One?  The only one that really knows is Mr. Trump himself unless he has some information that those tied to overseeing the project do not have.

In all reality, the president elect does not have any authority at all and him screaming to stop the production Trump Says Stop Building the New Airforce Oneof the new aircraft is more opinion than order. The plane would probably not even be ready until 2024 so perhaps Trump is upset more that he would not be able to fly on it as a sitting president as opposed to the actual cost.

I’m joking there; he is not going to pull the project due to him not getting to fly on the new Airforce One 747-8.

Boeing, although they did not comment, are surely not thrilled to hear this come out of the twitter account of Donald Trump as soon he will have some authority in the matter.

Boeing shareholders were not thrilled either as the stock, of which Trump owns between $50,000 and $100,000 worth, immediately dropped.  That shows the power of an incoming president even though he is tweeting without much in terms of facts. That is also a god reason to take twitter out of his hands as a knee jerk statement like that causes a knee jerk reaction in the finance world.

It is actually unclear if the deal can actually be cancelled as there are contracts in place and a real need to update the plane that caters to the President of the United States.  Parts wear out, technology changes, safety issues arise and all those things need to be addressed.  Trump, an owner of a 757 for his own personal plane probably has an idea on some maintenance expenses, and perhaps for some refurbishing expenses, but this is well past what any private citizen would have in their hanger.

The technology and security is, in a word, presidential.

Although Mr. Trump wants to stop the new Airforce One, he may not ever have that power.

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