Trump Picks Insider

Donald Trump Goes Inside

Who would have thunk it?

All along President elect Donald J Trump has been saying he’s going to not allow the Washington DC insiders control the future of our country.

So what does he do for his first appointment?

He chooses a Washington DC insider for his Chief of Staff. Now that is really not a bad move as the chosen person is the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus.

Priebus is actually a super choice because he is well respected and has great relationships with members of both the Senate and Congress on both sides of the aisle. The benefit that we should see from this appointment is the legislation that Donald Trump wants to get approved should have an easier path to approval.

And in all reality if all of the appointments by Trump were non-Washington insiders then it would be very hard for him to navigate through the system that is currently in place. Sure he is going to appoint some outsiders and those people will have a say in policy but without the insiders to make that policy actionable then he is wasting appointments.

Somebody in the finance sector that is not an insider will be excellent for the Department of treasury. And I’m sure the Trump will choose someone that is not in insider for that position as that would be a smart move. Look, Trump is no idiot, he’s going to do what a smart businessman would do as well as what a politician would do.

I’m not saying he’s a smart businessman, saying he’s a good politician; I’m just saying that’s what is going to do.

He will surround himself with people who will help him create policy that can be accepted by 99% of all the Republicans in the Senate and Congress as well as some of the Democrats and independents in order to be able to move his agenda along.

He’ll make adjustments to his “Build a Wall” rhetoric and do something that makes more sense and would be accepted by a majority. He’s not going to deport 11 million people just because they’re here without the proper papers. That will change to something along the lines of deporting anyone who’s here illegally and has also committed some level of crime. It just plain makes no sense for him to pursue a hard lines when a softer line can actually get accomplished.

Still have some problems trying to get the Supreme Court just as he wants but will probably get the person approved. It will take some maneuvering as well as him bending in other areas but that’s how that system works in DC.

But for now, his first appointment a Washington insider with huge Washington insider credentials?

Probably not much of a surprise for anyone.

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