Trump Protesters Pepper Sprayed

It is looking a lot like 1968 with the protests just not slowing down out in many cities, towns and college campuses across the USA.

In Portland, Oregon, police took out the pepper spray and even shot some rubber bullets into the rioters to try and slow their roll early today. Some 4,000 protestors were out chanting anti-Trump slogans and at least 26 got arrested as they refused to disburse.

This was not your quiet peaceful protest either as bats and other projectiles were thrown at the police, power was knocked out, cars and buildings weretrump-protestores-pepper-sprayed vandalized.  For an area that is known to be peaceful, quiet and relaxed, Portland was anything but that.

On the other side of the State protestors were again outside Trump’s iconic building on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.  Those that were protesting formed a much more mild crowd as there was no violence reported and, strange as this may seem, the crowd was made up of many under the voting age and several people said they saw Cher Bono in the crowd as well.

Some 65 people for minor offences in New York City were arrested and one person burned the American flag as part of the protests.

President Elect Trump seems to think the media is behind some of the protesting, and also called on the populous to protest in cities across the nation, but the protests will do nothing but burn some calories for people as they march and chant.  It seems that your average person can burn as much as 250 calories per hour while marching so this may actually be a good form of exercise although it could be frustrating at the same time as there will be no change in the upcoming administration from their efforts.

Other cities with significant sized protests include Oakland, with about 7,000 people taking part and there was violence reported relating to the protests, Seattle, Philadelphia and Baltimore where more than 600 marched and blocked traffic for several hours.  No reports of arrests have been available in those cities as they were largely peaceful in nature.

“Not My President!” is the main chant and is the theme of much of the protesting with others calling out Mr. Trump for his sexist comments as well as calling him a racist for some of the things he said on the campaign trail.

But as happened in the 60’s when protesting and rioting was a mainstay in the news, this too shall pass and order will be restored in the nation.


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