Trump Saves 1,000 Jobs

Donald Trump To Announce the Saving of One Thousand Jobs

The president elect is already at working to Make America Great Again as he negotiated an arrangement to keep 1,000 jobs at an air conditioning plant in Indiana and is set to announce it on Thursday.

Those jobs were to be sent down to Mexico as part of a cost cutting move by Carrier but Mr. Trump and his VP elect, Mr. Pence negotiated a deal to keep those jobs right here in the good ole’ USA.

Carrier is a subsidiary of United Technologies and announced plans earlier this year to cut about 2,100 jobs and move them, and although they were unable to save all of the jobs, 1,00 jobs saved is a pretty good start for his administration.  As to the remainder of the jobs there has been no announcement by United Technologies or by Carrier.

Was this a magic trick where Trump was able to pull some Executive Order juice out of a hat like a magician pulls a white rabbit out?

Probably not and here is why. Although Mike Pence is the Vice President elect, he is still the Governor of Indiana and was able to arrange subsidies for the company as an inducement for them to remain in the Mid West.  That could possibly have been done if Mr. Pence was no longer Governor but the red tape was minimal since he is still acting Governor.

A Vice President who used to be Governor of a particular State still has a little pull there typically and may have been able to pull that off anyway but the cost would have been higher as there would have been other tradeoffs on a different level in addition to the subsidies used to save these 1,000 jobs.

Good or bad, that is going to look good to most Americans.

Criticism from several that oppose the inducements fear that any company that wants to move to Mexico will hold the President ransom and expect something to remain in the country.  That is pushing the envelop though as it is not the least bit unusual for a government agency to offer something to a huge company that offers a lot of jobs something to either bring them to their area or keep them in their area.

It is almost a daily occurrence and is rarely criticized and often necessary to keep the economy pumping right along in a region.

Saving 1,000 jobs; thanks, we appreciate that.

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