Does Donald Trump Have Thin Skin?

As President, Trump can’t have thin skin.

One of the downsides of being president of the United States is that people will be taking shots at you 24/7 for any little thing they can find so President Trump can’t have thin skin anymore.

He will need to toughen up some and let a lot more roll off his back because as the saying goes, “You ain’t heard nothing yet!”.

The Donald’s demand for an apology from the cast of Hamilton for what he perceives as an offensive message at the end of the play that Vice President elect Pence saw and heard is borderline school yard bullying talk such as “Stop being mean to my little brother” talk.  Pence is a big boy and was not offended at all and made it clear on more than one occasion he is not offended.

The soon to be vice president has been around the block more than once and has thick skin and small things like the speech at the end of the play is hardly something that he would be affected by.

Not Trump; his skin is still too thin to be playing in the White House sandbox.

The actor, expressing himself as a free American, wanted to take a minute and use the platform to express his concerns about the new administration in the area of equality.  He did not accuse the new VP of anything wrong nor did he come close to insulting Mike Pence.  Saying, “alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us” is far from an insult or even remotely downgrading but rather more of a plea to not forget segments of our society.

 Pence was fine with that; he was also fine with the boos he got when he arrived at the theatre calling them, “The sound of freedom”.

If something as innocuous as a 25 second commentary at the end of a play sets off Trump that he demands an apology, what will happen when he hears some negative words from a country that has no positive relationship with the United States.  Will the incoming president tweet about that or will he order the country to be bombed to smithereens?

The campaign was turned very personal this time around and a lot of things were said that can’t be unsaid.  Much of that was just to win the election and I thought that was all said and done with as it was part of the play. Now is the time to take on some thinker skin and let things slide, or better yet, acknowledge them and put them into a positive spin.

Wouldn’t a better response have been, “Brandon Victor Dixon, thank you for voicing your concerns and we appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your thoughts. Our visions are the same as we want the best for all Americans regardless of who they are as America is the greatest and most free country on the planet and always will be.”?

To me, that makes more sense and probably would be more along the lines of what Mr. Trump would say had he not had a thin skin moment.

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