Trump’s Son-In-Law an Advisor?

Is Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, going to be one of his trusted advisors going forward?

As it stands, Ivanka’s husband has the ear of the president elect and is part of his transition team, even going so far as to suggest Reince Priebus, as Chief of Staff to Mr. Trump.  That is an awful lot of authority for someone who has no real political background, has a Father that served time in a Federal prison (prosecuted by non other than Chris Christie) and could even be considered in his position by nepotism.

But perhaps there is some wisdom in Trump having Jared as part of his team and giving credence to his thoughts and ideas.  Kushner has some solid business skills and has done some amazing things as a young man in business.  Sure he had a little help along the way with family footing the bill and allowing him to use their funds to invest, but he did make some good decisions with that investment money.

It seems that Mr Trump sees a little of himself in his son-in-law.  He essentially went down a similar path as his Father ponied up The Donalds initial investment money as well.  Trump, despite all the bankruptcies, still did pretty well along the way.  He may not be worth as much as  is advertised but he is still in pretty good shape.

Not many of us have our own plane.

One idea that has been floated is having Kushner as a special envoy to the Middle East and work on a peaceful relationship between Israel and Palestine.  Kushner is an Orthodox Jew so he could appeal to the people in Israel and possibly be able to work with the Palestinians in a way that has yet to be attempted.  That may be a good fit for him as he is not only smart but also has a diplomatic skill set,

Of course he could totally blow up the region as there are those that do not care for Trump in that region and my consider this a move that is laden with nepotism just to make Trump look good.

Jared Kushner has a decent resume, is a smart young man and has done well in the business world as well as married into a family that has a hefty business portfolio and most recently, of course, now a political one as well.

But, does that mean Trump should make his son-in-law an advisor?

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