Trump’s Tweets Continue

Twitter in Chief or Commander in Chief?

Here we are, approaching the day that Santa Claus comes dropping down the chimney, the Electoral College did their thing and Trump is now officially President Elect.

Life should move on, right.

We should be seeing Trump talking about forward moving things, right?

Public comments about how exciting his first 100 days are going to be, right?


Donald J. Trump is still on Twitter trash talking about how he out maneuvered the Democratic Party, and in particular Hillary and Bill Clinton to win the election.  And he is doing it first thing in the business morning.  He is busy boasting about how he used his noggin and strategies to win the Electoral vote and paid little to no attention to the popular vote.

Stop Tweeting Trump!

Who actually cares anymore?

It is time for the President Elect to start the process of becoming president and not look back and brag about how he is a better campaigner than Hillary, how how out smarted her and out flanked her by targeting the right States.  I’m sure this is just a continuation of his war with Bill Clinton but we just no longer care about any of that and want to hear how you are going to do whatever you are going to do.

Tweet that, Mr. Trump.

Tweet that you had a great meeting with some of the Heads of State and that they are going to start importing more of what we manufacture. Tweet that you are talking with Senators and Congressman to mend fences and build relationships. Tweet that you have completely divested yourself from any opportunity to influence anyone that is handling your business affairs the next 4 years and that it was given multitude voices of approval form both Republicans and Democrats.

That is the kind of stuff the citizens of the United States want to hear; not a Twitter argument with a former president or a step on the neck comment about how Hillary and company used their resources poorly and how that is not being reported in the news.  We just no longer care about any of that and are becoming less and less impressed with the soon to be president spending time on twitter and using social media to call people out.

Donald needs tonstop tweeting

It would be great if there was an advisor whose job was to be the official presidential tweeter.  That person would be able to filter out anything that resembled a social media fist fight and post elements of the positive things we are going to see to “Make America Great Again!”.  That would make following @realDonaldTrump on Twitter as we would be seeing constructive Tweets coming from his 5th Avenue Penthouse and not childish tweets about bygones.

Using Twitter to boast or berate was fine when you were the CEO of the Trump world but not so much now that you are going to be donning the CEO of America hat.

Mr. Trump, put down the Twitter and back away slowly.


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