Why Doesn’t the State Make Roads Safer For Bikers?

Roads should be safer for bikers in Florida!

Another day and one more biker dies from a lack of safety on the roads in Florida.  The State of Florida is as responsible for the safety of bikers as is the biker himself when it comes to safe, well lit roads.

Helmets, safety classes are driving defensively are all important practices but without safe well lit roads they are fighting an uphill battle.  Roads need to be maintained and well lit at night or even the safest biker is at risk and being at risk at 45 MPH on a motorcycle is really being at risk!

Back when I road I would not ride if the roads were going to be wet from rain as it just did not make sense to me. Stopping could be an issue and I don’t mean my stopping; I’m talking about the driver of the 1 ton car that is not paying as much attention to the road as he should.  Common sense and a level of responsible fear was my safety net and not the quality of the road or the knowledge that the street lights, if they were even there, would be on.

Today, as I ride my bicycle for exercise, I see more issues with the roads than I have ever seen and those issues, such as potholes that are as old as Methuselah, broken street lamps that are not going to be on at night and speed limit signs in disrepair.  Those all are the responsible of the State, County and City Governments and they are not being managed to any degree of reasonable safety.

Even some of the pothole repairs I come across appear to be a mailed in job for the workers responsible.  Instruction and training for the people that actually perform these repairs is not only important but a necessary part of the equation and would save lives.  Not spending a reasonable time on instructing the employees is irresponsible and borderline criminal.

The proper equipment makes a huge difference as well; having to work harder to get a job done usually causes the worker to not do the job properly and creating a path of little resistance with the proper and updated tools and equipment will also save lives.

Cost should not come into play when it comes to the safety of bikers on the roads and the State, County and City governments should reach a little deeper into their imaginations to see how they can slow spending in one area to spend where it has a direct impact on the lives of bikers as well as others traveling in a motorized vehicle.

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