Why the Recounts are a Waste

The recounts are a waste of time and money!

Jill Stein may be keeping her face in the news for her 15 minutes of fame because she got no 15 minutes during the run up to the election.  There can’t possibly be any other reason she is spending millions of dollars (not her cash though!) to recount votes that will make no difference in the end.

So, what if there is a couple thousand vote swing in Wisconsin. It won’t mean anything at all as Trump is up some 27,000 votes.

In Pennsylvania she is not only spending others’ money but also making many spin their wheels downloading and filling out petitions to get the approval to ask for a recount.  She gets publicity as if she is some sort of crusader yet her judgement is suspect in asking for recounts when they are going to make no difference in who is president the next four years.

The recount in Pennsylvania would have to have around 70,000 votes miscounted to make any difference and that would be some sort of monumental event should that number be reached.


Michigan is the closest with Trump winning by a little over 10,000 votes and let’s just say that gets overturned with this silly recount business.  What does that do to the number of electoral votes needed to win?


It changes nothing as to the final outcome of the election and is just causing people to work overtime and be paid with dollars that don’t come out of her pocket.

While many thought that Trump’s pursuit of the presidency was just a money grab, many have to be thinking this is just a publicity grab.  In 2012 she also ran as the Green Party candidate and got a whopping 0.36 percent of the popular vote (roughly 470,000 votes).  That is after a multitude of failed attempts at public office in Massachusetts over the years.

Her 2016 run was better with 1.04% of the votes which was about 1.4 million votes.  By better I mean not as abysmal as she was still a write in candidate for several States.

Jill Stein, having graduated from Harvard, is probably a fine doctor but her judgement in wasting good money and people’s time for a recount is not the best use of either the money or the time.

Coming to any conclusion that Ms. Stein is nothing but getting what little publicity this is giving her is a sane thought process because it makes no other sense.

The recount of 2016; a waste of time and money.

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