When Will the Clinton Regime End

The Clintons have had their hands in US politics for a long time, too long in fact. From Bill Clinton, to Hillary, and now to Chelsea, it appears that the Clinton family won’t be leaving politics anytime soon. Not only do Republicans wonder when the Clintons will finally quit trying, but even many Democrats are annoyed by their presence in everything political, and feel that they’re staining the Democratic Party as a whole.

Why is Hillary Clinton annoying people?

Hillary Clinton, as we all know, ran unsuccessfully in two campaigns over the last decade. It appears she’s trying to get into office like her husband did, but she’s not been able to get there. First, Barack Obama beat her in the 2008 campaign, and then Donald Trump beat her in the 2016 campaign in a running that was supposed to be won by her! Hillary Clinton has been giving a bad name to the Democratic Party for a while now, with her fake demeanor and unsureness of what she really wants our country to be (see how many time’s she’s changed her mind over big issues). The question is: when will Hillary Clinton just give up? She makes it obvious that she doesn’t care about our country as much as she leads on, and gives off the impression that she just wants to be in a powerful position. She’s repeatedly made the same mistakes over and over again in her different elections that she ran in and has suffered the consequences of losing time and time again. She’s bothered Democrats so much that even Barack Obama’s speechwriter, who was supposed to help her in the previous election quit on her because of her lack of vision for the country’s future.

What’s the future of Hillary Clinton?

Hillary has been continuing with her complaining, through social media and through interviews that made the TV. Hillary still doesn’t understand why she lost the election and appears to have not learned a new thing about politics. Other potential Democratic Politicians have been trying to get into the limelight for years, but with Hillary it’s going to remain impossible for a potential winner to get a chance! Hillary doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the political arena at all, and you can probably even expect to see her start running again once Trump’s 4 year reign starts coming to an end, and Hillary and Trump might be able to face off in round 2.

ANOTHER Clinton in the house

The bad news for people who are annoyed by the Clintons dominating the limelight in politics are in for a real shock. Chelsea Clinton (Bill and Hillary’s daughter) is looking to be just like her parents, and will be another one to try and join politics. With very similar viewpoints to her mother, Chelsea is looking to be a feminist Democratic on the rise (even writing a feminist book for kids). Chelsea has also been like her parents in refusing to acknowledge the truth about America, and has refused to acknowledge the fault that her mother is at for her loss in the election. Chelsea is also confusing to hear speak, as she seems to be talking out both sides of her mouth at all times, and is due to change her views on politics in the future just like her mother did.

Hillary should apologize to our country

I remember a time when Hillary and Donald Trump had a fight about apologizing, and she accused Donald of being somebody that never apologizes. The funny thing in this matter is that Hillary has only ever been heard apologizing one time about her election performance, and rather it being directed to our whole nation, it was directed at just Barack Obama. Hillary’s aids (or should I say slaves) must have been in shock when they heard her say that to Obama just following her election. You can even see the look of disgust on her face after the election before she gives her farewell speech. Hillary refused to give her concession speech on the night of her loss from the election, and had to wait a whole day to cool down. That’s not something a politician should be doing if she wants to maintain respect here in America. You can tell she’s not the woman you’d want to work for (which is why Obama’s speechwriter quit on her after such a short period of time).

Hillary was not good to her aides

If you’ve heard anything from people that have previously worked under Hillary in different elections, then you probably know she has a horrible track record for treating her employees terribly when the going gets tough. Hillary’s not a nice lady when doors are closed, and you can even see behind her fake smirk in situations where she’s uncomfortable that a true witch is hiding behind those eyes. Her security staff has even been known to talk about how “nasty” of a woman she truly is. An agent of hers was even believed to have said that they all laughed when she broke her elbow as the secretary of state in 2009. She was so nasty to them on so many separate occasions, that they began to hate her as a human being! Here are some terrible things Hillary has ordered her security agents not to do:

  •   They weren’t permitted to even look at her at any given moment unless they were speaking to her.
  •   They were supposed to do whatever they could to stay out of her way and not bother her whatsoever.
  •   They were treated like they were scum from her when she did talk to them.

    Is this someone that you want to be your boss? Is this someone that you’d actually want to protect? For these reasons, I’m glad that Hillary wasn’t elected President of the USA. Now all we need to do as a country is get through Chelsea’s reign, and then maybe the Clinton era will end.